In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist

Hate Runneth Over

My god, what many Americans (unfortunately) won’t do to find someone else to hate!

Recently, it was poor starving Mexicans risking their lives coming across the border seeking work so they could send most of what they earn back home to feed their families. OK, OK, so many of them are trading drugs; so they are crooks and thieves. Well, we have plenty of crooks and thieves at the border to meet them; and many of those are RICH because of what they do. In addition to which, the drug runners have all sorts of customers waiting here for their wares.

But America has moved on, folks, to other old bones. We’re also back to picking on gays, especially those with religion in their souls, who seek some sort of acceptance in society. Oh, they’re good targets, so what they desire is some sort of normal life with someone they love—a trait just too precious for a true hater to miss.

And now we move on to our latest targets: the Muslims who want to build a house of worship near the site of the tragic bombing of New York on 9/11. For all I know, the Muslims who want to build the mosque had nothing to do with 9/11. Are we going to hate all Muslims forever because of what happened then? And that brings up the Indians; and, going down the road of hate, shouldn’t they continue to hate all of the many other races here now, in the 21st century?




MY recollection of our national history, as I was taught it, and as I have observed it for 87 years, is that we came here as victims of prejudice and/or cruelty by other nations, in search of a land whereon we could establish a nation of our own, built largely according to noble Christian values, a land of our own (after annihilating or imprisoning a great many of the previous inhabitants) many of whose descendents live—to this very day—in prisons without walls, euphemistically called reservations. In the end, what I am trying to present below is a slightly different view of this great land as we know it.

One of our most popular sports, at this time in history, is hating homosexuals and lesbians. Oh, it does our Christian hearts good to try to convert them, but that argument either does not persuade them; or, if it does, it assures them of lives alone and without love that is best expressed by sexual activity—as is the case with us lucky heterosexuals.

Ah! But we have forgotten the most numerous among us—those who, either by choice or lack of luck, have no way of expressing and answering their own sexual needs. And it is the dilemma of those in this group which I wish to address.

So far as I know, there is no relief for the members of this group except through masturbation!—a word which no one is willing to say, read, hear, or even think. And to make matters worse, as far as understanding or sympathy are concerned, there is probably not a living soul among us--normal, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or child who had discovered his sexual organs—who, at one time, or another, or another, or another, has not masturbated.

Give that a little thought!