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Watchin' NASCAR. . .

Hi all my adoring fans in NASCar-Land.

I'm taking a moment from the last practice before Sunday's race to let you all know that I'm doing okay. I've been lying here on my bed of pain after falling and braking my hip with internal fractures a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, my surgeon was able to put it together again with a screw of some sort. (They say it was just strength of character and from heavy-duty drugs that pulled me through.)

Hey mark, don't let that son of a bitch do that to you again! Next him just knock him the hell out of the race.

Sorry, I've got distracted by an accident. Where was I?

Oh Yes, They say I will rise from my bed of pain, any day now, just in time to get back home to a new table set up for my computer, and catch up with all of you.

Hugs & Kisses


United We Lay said...

I moved my site to:

pekka said...

Our, Susan and I, relief is huge after hearing that you survived the hard knocks provided by your beasts. I kid you not, we have had very anxious time here without knowing how bad your injuries were. The broken hip is the end of many mature lives and I am glad that I wasn't aware that this is what happened to you. I would have been a nervous wreck. You must be some tough gall and the doctors taking care of you were no neocons (=kinds that never know what the right procedure is) either. Are you going to give us a play by play about what happened?

Welcome back, LittleBill!

Yellow Dog said...

Get back here, Bill. I can barely function without you!

Messenger said...

You're a hero, Bill!

an average patriot said...

Little Bill
So happy you are doing well and eagerly await your return. You already are as good as usual mentally. Congratulations!