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Heckuva Job, George

As I sat down to write, I heard Condoleeza Rice dressing down Russia as a failed and dangerous state, having the temerity to sell arms to other countries, acting aggressively against other nations, etc., etc. all truly inspirational as the philosophy of this greatest nation in the world (all kneel!)

But I was, in fact, starting to write about the humdrum matters of American everyday life. As a computer dunce, I want to ask some questions and then let those who know how to find the answers do the heavy lifting for me.

1. Have you noticed lately that almost all of George’s speeches to the public are shorter, a little less rah! rah!, alone, and in the safety of the White House? And he doesn’t even give them with his sleeves rolled up to emulate hard labor! (In this connection, I wish to hell that Obama would stop rolling up his sleeves too, especially because I love him and intend to vote for him.)

2. Money is money in my failing mind. So why doesn’t anyone in Wall Street or in the government mention the various costs of our numerous and upcoming wars initiated by our War President, as Dubyah proudly dubbed himself? Or are those billions in unrelated funds? And if so, can anyone tell me what those funds are, where they came from, and to whom are they going?


Vigilante said...

The GOP has figured it out. Their aristocratic greed is better satisfied with less government and less regulation. It's not rocket science.

an average patriot said...

The hypocrisy is stunning isn't it? Knowing what Bush did in Kosovo, what he is doing in Iraq, and the instigating to war as he arms everyone he mistakingly thinks will be on his side, it blows me away that once again he is accusing someone of doing what he is doing. Do what I say not as I do!
The real cost of the wars will never be known officially because he hides it. I posted about a month ago on the real costs in relation to what they officially report and it it more than a third of our GDP.
Put in the fact that our debt is reported to be $10.6 trillion, more than doubled by Bush alone and the fact that it was last week $53 trillion now $54 trillion because of these bail outs, The lie... oh I'll shut up you just keep writing and relax and take care you!

Soros' Proxy said...

The depression is not only economic but one of morale. I am depressed.

an average patriot said...

Hi Little Bill just checking in on you hope you are well!

an average patriot said...

Hi Little Bill
Just checking you out again, hope you are well!