In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
The Way Things Are....


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi little Billy,

I am glad to see your postings!
And it's so true: making fun of it is usually the best way of handling the worst in society!
Loved your funny posting below!!!

as for a serious point of view on health care: we do have public insurance in Denmark, basic health care is for free. Only one problem: you can't use it for anything!

And that's my delemma: of course the american people should have the health care system most of them seem to want so much. BUT they don't know what they are gettingt! As far as I am concerned not being able to afford to go to a doctors will keep you healthy and alive, while people who regulary seak medical help end up sick and dead in no time!

It's not a problem that it has to be this expensive and noone can afford it. the problem is that most MDs and the pharma industry are only in for money and power and even good hearted doctors are having a hard time treating their patients well, since what they have studied at university/college is worth nothing. it's all twisted information, sponsored by individula and coopperations with financial and political interests and therefore we don't have a medical science that actually works very well.

So the way I see it, people are a lot better of learning about what keeps the body healthy and how you can cure yourself and your family than getting free medical care.
-which is a really, really sad reality! because it should be different - but it isn't, so all one can do is protect oneself!

James: interesting to hear that autumn is on its way!
Actually here as well. I mean the leaves are turning brown... but the sun is out and warm, warmer than summer and we have some lovely days, but the nights are getting longer...
even though I don't grow veggies myself, we still spent a lot of time harvesting all the fruit and storing it and then there are the renovations... but I guess you've heard that one before...!

anyway, I wish you both lots of sunshine, little Billy and James, it's so nice right now hear, hope it's as nice where you are as well and yes, I suppose autum is also my favorite time of year... it's so warm and cosy...

an average patriot said...

The insurance companies decide who gets coverage and who lives and dies and they want to keep it that way!