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Pooch's Point of View? (I think not!)

From the Lost Angeles Times, a poor rendition of a Dawg's point of view.

Every self-respecting athletic Dawg deserves his/her daily run without no stinkin' leash.

And 'pooch' is a term of disrespect.

Take a hike, Donn. A one-way walk into the surf.


an average patriot said...

I am a hard core dog lover, good picture! I have a hard time finding a problem with bring a dog anywhere. It has always been my thought that they are a lot happier being with you anywhere than being tied up alone or locked in a room!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Well I guess here we disagree , Jim. There are a lot of irresponsible dogowners around who get dogs for all the wrong reasons and not because they love dogs.
Some people get a dog when they want a child or a teddy bear other get a dog because they can't legally draw a gun on their fellow citizens for no reason, so they send the dog instead.
and naturally they're all completely dishonest about their real motivation.

We had f.ex. B&B guests who wanted me to meet their cute little doggy, who just happend to be am American bulldog weighing 60 kg...
that's what people with an inferiority complex do: use a dog to get respect.

So unfortunately it's only very seldom that a dogowner is also a lover.

Personally I can't claim to love animals in particular, but it just
shocks me, how people treat animals who claim to love them! In spite of their faked affection they don't seem to think that animals have any rights or are more than flesh and blood... so hypocritical!

Or think of all those who have the pig on the plate which was raised under horrendous conditions, while they craw the dog, sitting next to the table. What do they think pigs are? Made of stone or something?! Pigs are intelligent creatures - why do they have to suffer this badly when dogs get treated like something special?

I also read your other comment on health insurance. The career officer - Rebublican - are we talking about Jimbo here?
Yeah I must say I also find it very hard to believe that some many people buy all kinds of crap that others are trying to sell them! Why don't they have the guts and try and think for themselves?! And most of all: learn to observe what is really going on!

an average patriot said...

Hi Sarah! No we do not disagree! I have been bitten more than a few times. Once I was at one of my sons soccer games and a was patting a Great Dane when i turned to walk away he took a chunk out of the top of my back. Before I could think about it the woman put him in a car and took off. I do not condone irresponsibility sadly it holds sway over consideration!