In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
The Real Tragedy

The massacre yesterday at Fort Hood is fairly unusual. (Or it was until Orlando suffered something similar today.) But Fort Hood, at least, is due to a man who could no longer bear the strain he was under.

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is a soldier of high standing, with a profession, psychiatry, also of high standing. He was born in Washington. At the same time, he is a Muslim, whose faith is based on Islam. The people who know him say that he is much disturbed by the wars in Iraq and Iran and that area of the world. It seems odd and insensitive that he should be selected to serve duty in that part of the world when there are other countries to which he could have been sent.

To be asked to serve against people of his own faith in the area from which that faith arose, and to be frequently ribbed about his origin and his faith by other soldiers, especially when he is an American, born in America, is not what a man in his position should receive in return for his service.

When I was in the 7th grade, I was chased around the school yard on a daily basis by a pack of boys shouting “Tub of Guts.” I was at a very sensitive age, and I have never forgotten their taunts. The crime of Maj. Hasan is severe beyond redemption. But the habit of many Americans to ridicule others is also a very severe crime which has led to the ruin of other lives. I hope that people who like to make fun of others will either grow out of it or pay for it by remembering what they did, as do their victims.



Vigilante said...

Yeah. I agree, Lil' Bill. But this is a huge tragedy. Like all hate crimes. They divide us.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

You're right, making fun of others, bullying them, is a terrible and stupid crime which always backfires in so many ways. people like that should be ashamed of themselves, because it's not funny at all, but very destructive.

The same sort of thing has happened in before, US or Allied soldiers with an Arabic origin don't necessarily have such an easy time serving in the middle east...

However, I do disagree with you that psychiatry is a profession of high standard! Psychiatrists are the biggest criminals in man's history and are in fact behind the greatest crooks, biggest corruption and worst crimes against humanity.

Who's agenda was Hitler putting into practice and who was behind the ethnic cleansing in the Balkan?
- Just to name two of their well organized operations...!

Also it's not yet known, if he himself has been on psychopharmica while committing the crime. (It's pretty common for acts like that to be committed by a person with a history of psychiatric treatment and psych-drugs! Just think about the school-shootings! Those kids only pulled the trigger because they were doped!)

I wish the army and aid organizations would learn from this episode and stop hiring trash like that (psychiatrists)! This time one of them has committed a crime which is obvious and out in the open, for everybody to see.
But the way it usually happens is that they just sabotage everything covertly, destroy people's lives and most of all: torture without end.

And they've got a free ticket to do so, because in America and in the third world for some reasons people call them "doctors" and have some magic belief in that they actually would have some expertise that would do some good for mankind. Here in Europe people more see them for what they really are and not too many would be willing to have anything to do with them!

Sorry to disillusion a sweet lady like you, Little Bill, but I have seen too many people tortured by psychiatrist and have seen what they do out in the field... in the refugee's camps... and most of all: where the money goes and what political interests are behind that!!!

Nothing is more sick than the brainwash-"science"-psychiatry and those who earn the BIG bucks on it and who are getting their agenda of big brother's watching you put into practice here!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I was just thinking that it must have been difficult for a sweet lady like you to read my last comment, Little Bill and to understand why I am so strongly against something that Americans believe to be a science and a profession.

well one thing is, I know the history of psychiatry, but the other thing is. I have seen the victims. You know the pictures of concentration camps which shocked the world... or casualties of armed conflicts... all that is nothing compared to people who's brains have been damaged by psychiatric treatment! because there is nothing you can do for them afterwards, nothing at all, that can free them from the zombie-stage, nothing that can take away the pain! And many times they don't even given them an anesthetic! Their patients suffer unbelievable pain and unrepairable damage. The only other thing that I have seen come close to this, was barbaric animal testing...