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More Creatures to Rescue

THE PET PERIODICAL – More Creatures to Save

How I could have written on how to save a fly and then neglected other insects far more in need of help is beyond me. I hope this will make up for my mistake.

There are many insects which can ONLY crawl—no flying. And the death trap most eager to welcome them is the bathtub. Once a crawling insect enters the tub, it is trapped, for it cannnot crawl back up the upright slippery side, wet or dry.

For those of you with the sense of mercy to help them, the first thing to do is close the down-drain. Then get a piece of paper (if a fly rescue cup is not available) and encourage the poor creature to climb on so that you can take it outside.

If you’re a really human Human Being, that ought to make you feel good.



an average patriot said...

You are a good one little Bill! I just want to say Hi!

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill just looking in!