In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist


Don’t know whether I have mentioned this before, but I find I do my best thinking just BEFORE I wake up in the morning. From there on, it’s a matter of time and circumstance as to how long I can remember, and how soon I can get my thoughts down.

What I am most concerned about right now is the economic journey this country is making. I looked “democracy” up in the dictionary, and economics and democracy are not directly related. So I can only assume that you who spend your lives in the exciting game of getting rich, can do so while at the same time both you and the world can look upon you as an outstanding citizen.

For starters, all animals (humans among them) require the same two assets in order to exist: food and shelter. Very few of us, at least in this country, can provide them by ourselves, and so we must provide them for ourselves by paying others for them in the form of money.

At the top of my sleepy-time notes is my comment that some sort of evening-out between the top and bottom income levels of human existence is long overdue. Few of the rich made their money by their own hard work; most of us, rich or poor, need some sort of financial backing to get educated.

No one NEEDS to be rich; everyone, on the other hand, NEEDS a chance to become educated.

National financing of education is absolutely ESSENTIAL to the success of this nation, and the success of the human animal as a whole.

Many people, on the other hand, resent having any of their own money go toward the education of anyone else. We were all born, however, to different parents, under different circumstances. Seems odd to me that so many of us boast of living in this nation which boasts of being a Christian nation. As LittleBill’s momma, I would like to put forth my philosophy that financial chance è education è ability to find a job è self-esteem è hopefully, the desire to pass the same chance on to others.

Countries need to live according to their own natural resources (gas, oil, fish, crops, natural resources, etc.) rather than trading with each other, and live according to the resources within their own lands.

It is especially bad for countries like ours to woo promising students from foreign lands to free education here, and then keep them here for ourselves. They should be encouraged to go back to their own lands—as it is, our generocity turns out to be a form of piracy.

And countries the world over need to replace machines and technology with human labor, attuned more to the worker than to the technology. It is the worker who must contribute first in order to be rewarded for his work. Technology doesn’t know, and doesn’t care. The most powerful tool of a human being is his mind; the only meaningful purpose of a human mind is to think and to contribute, and the only meaningful reward for his contribution to the world should be appropriate recognition in the form of the ability to provide a comfortable life for his family. It is the employer who provides the reward, but it is the worker who does the work which provides the salaries for both of them, and when the employer takes more than his share of the reward while the employee is given less than he needs to survive, that constitutes the grossest form of robbery.

The Socialist (signed with pride)