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New Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

Why are we getting so hysterical about people crossing our border from Mexico, at risk of death by starvation and/or fatal dehydration? To my knowledge, none have been found so far to be carrying nuclear weapons.

Some may be carrying drugs, but they are paying an awful physical price for the journey. Besides, the market for drugs in this country evidently makes the price worth it. Whose fault is that?

A great deal of crime is said to come with the illegal immigrants. Hey, we have plenty of that in this country already, physical, social, and corporate.

The physical act of crossing the border may be illegal, but it is hardly criminal or an act of war.


Messenger said...

I say, make crossing the border as difficult as possible: Build walls were the sun doesn't scorch the earth enough to make it unpassable.

LittleBill said...

Thanks for your comment,Messenger. If I read your comment correctly, we don't agree, but I cannot think of any wall in history, between neighbors or countries, which did not divide them from each other internally as well as physically.

I am just learning how to make comments, by the way, so that is why other bloggers have not heard from me before.