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Sept. 11 Panel Considered Pentagon Probe

Authors, panel’s chairmen, offer behind-the-scenes look at terror response.

Finally, all sorts of stuff is starting to erupt from this pustule of an administration. Please send this to any of your friends or relatives that still believe that 9-11 and Iraq were connected and start thinking about WHY our fighters never made it to Ground Zero when they can fly at warp speed, why no one noticed 4 jets going off course, etc. These guys are not commie conspiracy nuts. I hope I live to see bush, cheney, rove, rumsfeld and the other murderers in jail in my lifetime. I hope I never see a bush/cheney bumper sticker on anyone's car. God, god, god. OH, and the media. Where were they in all of this? Good job all around. Thank God for the real patriots in all of this, the ones who dared to question their country. That is what democracy is all about and maybe we will survive this after all.