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Election Dichotomy

In the days following the recent elections, when the Democrats came out to announce their new leadership positions, it was with expressions not of glee but of joy. They stated first and foremost that they looked forward to reaching out to the Republicans, and that they were anxious to make headway on important matters such as healthcare, education, and the economy.

When the Republicans came out to announce their soon-to-be minority leadership positions, led by House majority leader John Boehner, their expressions were angry, and they stressed that their primary purpose for the next two years would be to take back the leadership of Congress. If they mentioned any specific programs, such as healthcare or education, I didn’t catch them.

Interesting dichotomy.


Anonymous said...

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LittleBill said...

Thanks for the comment. You straightened everything out for me.

Messenger said...

Republicans don't have to announce programs, Bill. Their program is greed and power. The less said about them, the better (for them). They would like the undeclared class war to go on as long as it can under the radar.

Emily said...

LittleBill, I know you're concerned about church-state issues so I thought I might interest you in my post this morning on Pasadena's All Saints church, which you can find here.

an average patriot said...

First I have to say I missed you yesterday because I got tied up figuring out the new changes on Dkos and once I did I spent the rest of the day playing catch up.
Now, From what I can see, Democrats have every intention of keeping their word. They will concentrate on healthcare, education, and the economy.
You can also count on Republicans doing everything they can in order to make them look bad, frustrate their efforts, and get their corruptive power back. It will not work any more. People have caught on. It backfired this month and it will backfire in 08.
Bush's continued games will help in that end. His bipartisansnip will end as he sees he is not going to have his way.
This will continue to be a do nothing Congress because of bushco and Republicans until we get back the Presidency in 2008. Take care! I will check out your email shortly!

Recidivist said...

Messenger and Bill: the reason you can't recognize the Republican plans for the 21st century is that they look too much like what their plans were for the 19th century.