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Facial Body Language

Even though the election is over and has been decided, take a little time to watch the difference in facial body language between Republicans and Democrats. Almost universally, whether separately or in face-to-face discussions, Republicans tend to exhibit a supercilious put-down smile. Bush tends to show a face distorted by anger when he is not making demeaning jokes at the expense of reporters who are forced by the norms of courtesy and official deference to reply with respect. His smile, when he appears in public tends to reflect that he, rather than the audience, is what really matters.

Democrats, on the other hand, usually show serious expressions which reflect the seriousness of the discussion and personal awareness of the problems being considered. Smiles, when they appear, are genuine.

Somebody check this out for me and tell me if I am nuttier than I thought.


Beach Bum said...

No, your observations I believe are correct. The Shrub's behavior is just as you described and honestly may be worse. I'm hard pressed to figure out whether it’s just his born with a silver spoon disregard for other he sees as being lower on the social scale or whether it’s that he is so caught up in his Commander-in-Chief role and that explanation of actions and answerability to his mistakes don't apply to him. Either way he is a very loose cannon with far too much power at his control. He never should have been more than a baseball flunky with well connected parents.

an average patriot said...

Your right about the facial expressions. Bush tries to use his expression of anger to falsely put forth the facade that he means business and will get things done. Forget it!
It's funny but when one of my sons was younger I told him he was lying and it was written all over his face.
He looked in the mirror and said, Dad there's nothing on my face.
Funny! Anyway these people all read like a bad novel. They are so obvious, that is why it makes the lying that much harder to take.

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill! Just wanted to make sure you got my reply!
an average patriot said...
I have to agree with you and where to begin is to start letting him know that he is needed at this most tenuous time for the country and the world.
He is supremely outfitted to deal with the many problems of America and the world. Whoever it is though will get the blame for Bush's many failures including with the failure in Iraq and the thanks to Bush, necesery reinstitution of the draft.
I am afraid Al will be content to ride the coattails of Obama who I believe is a little too green but will listen and learn from the likes of Al Gore. Unlike the idiot decider who is the only one in the world that knows anything, at least how to destroy it which is what he is doing. I better stop. Have a nice day, Jim said...

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