In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
More Thoughts Which Occur to Me

As I have indicated before, the morality of capitalism concerns me deeply. Capitalism depends on some people to make other people rich, either by their labor, or by purchasing their product.

The original founder of a rich family may have made his money by the sweat of his brow, but his inheritors for following generations may not be called upon to do any work other than lifting a pen to write checks to their accountants.

The public in general is encouraged - even urged - to spend money, and our national leader has called upon the public to do just that as a patriotic duty to help our economy.

With the availability of credit cards and mortgages, many people who could not otherwise afford the luxuries for which they yearn are drawn into the whirlpool of debt from which they cannot arise.

The result is that we have created a lifestyle which is unnecessarily sought by most people, rich or poor. It is both morally and ethically corrupting, especially in its effects upon the have-not people of the world.

It is incumbent upon thinking people to consciously seek out a more moderate lifestyle, one that will reward more people who deserve it, as well as one that is concerned for the effect humans have upon the Earth. (In that connection, I can't believe my ears every time I hear a member of the administration or of Congress say that we can't afford to do the things that will help to stop global warming because that will put so many people out of work. Follow that thinking to the end of its logic!)

Related to the glorification of wealth is the growing coarseness of our civilization, with the have-nots becoming more physically aggressive and the haves becoming ever more devoted to the bawbles which wealth can provide. The violence and sexual license of our media, in particular, should be a warning to all parents who care about the world their children will face. (In this connection, it becomes easier to understand the nations which oppress their women with dress and lack of education.)


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skip sievert said...

Most fortunes are made originaly from crimes that were hidden so well , as to have not been discovered.

Recidivist said...

I object to the violence but not the sexual license of our media