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Two Must-Reads in the San Francisco Chronicle (re-post)

Originally posted by LittleBill on Friday, February 23, 2007

I have been meaning for some time to turn the rest of the world on to a column and a political comic strip in the Chronicle. I apologize for all of both that you may have missed.

The column is a regular feature entitled Jon Carroll, by Jon Carroll. He is one of the very best columnists I have ever read. He is serious about the world, the war, the environment, and everything else that counts. He is also witty and downright humorous. He talks about the mess we're in, his cats, his daughter who is in Circe de Soleil, politics in general, his vacations, the arts, his health, politics in particular, and so many other subjects that I can't even remember them. His columns appear 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.

The political comic strip is Farley created by Phil Frank. The fictional Farley, a former park ranger, is a reporter in San Francisco who works for the Daily Requirement - a thinly veiled Chronicle. You don't have to be or have been from San Francisco to get fun out of this comic strip. It covers the present tribulations of the current mayor (you would have loved it when the mayor was Willy Brown), the traffic, the politics, both in and around the San Francisco bay area and various characters dreamed up by Frank. Frank has a home in the city but works at a houseboat in Sausalito. Farley has been a daily strip appearing Monday through Saturday for three decades!



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Vigilante said . . .

There is something about a RAVEN in this strip?
February 27, 2007


LittleBill said...

Oops, I forgot to mention some of the wonderful characters in the Farley comic strip. Bruce is the raven who is Farley's familiar. There is also a guru named Baba, a family of bears who run a diner, the Fog City Dumpster, in San Francisco during the winter, and vacation in Yosemite during the summer.

There are numerous other characters who appear periodically in the strip, all pertaining to past or present history and environment. Politics and the environment are among the underlying themes.

Vigilante said...

Fog City Dumpster! What a great name! That's almost as good as the nickname of the restaurant where we wanted to take you out for a birthday breakfast: it's locally and affectionally referred to as the Bilgewater. It has the best quesadillas ever I have tasted!

LittleBill said...

I'm still counting on my birthday breakfast. Now, I can hardly wait!