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Open Thread for Little Bill

I have bad news to share. Little Bill has fallen while on a dog walk yesterday. She's recovering and expects to be back soon. In the mean time she wishes that none of her readers forget to stop by and leave a comment once in a while. And she has three words she wanted me to leave you with:

Impeach the Beasts!


Indicted Plagiarist said...

The Reasons not to Impeach! Hotlist by Turkana:

Sun Jun 24, 2007 at 01:27:00 PM PDT

Because the Constitution needed shredding.

Because the rule of law is quaint.

Because all those lies that got us into the war have been proved worth it.

Because the war should never end.

Because being an international pariah is kind of cool.

Because international law is silly.

Because torture is fun.

Because ignoring all the screaming alarms before 9/11 was prudent.

Because New Orleans wasn't all that great, anyway.

Because the people of New Orleans and Iraq were expendable.

Because our military personnel deserve to suffer unprecedented abuse at the hands of their own government.

Because it's exciting knowing we're all being spied upon.

Because we missed out on all the fun that was life in the Soviet Union.

Because the Department of Justice is meant to be used as a political weapon.

Because the way to get rid of election fraud is to get rid of elections.

Because every national regulatory agency should be run by former lobbyists from the industries each agency regulated.

Because corporate executives were underpaid and their employees were coddled.

Because our government should be of, by, and for the fossil fuel industries.

Because billions of dollars needed to be funneled from hardworking taxpayers through off-book, no-bid contracts to corporations owned by members of the Administration, and their friends and relatives.

Because our minds just aren't beautiful enough to appreciate a war president commander guy unitary executive.

Because Congressional lawmaking authority was meant to be nullified with the stroke of a signing-statement pen.

Because Rococo art was actually pretty amazing, so the Divine Right of Kings must also have been.

Because global warming doesn't exist.

Because people suffering from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Multiple Sclerosis are less important than single cells in petri dishes.

Because we need to set a precedent that presidents have impunity.

Because Democracy was a failed experiment.

Because the backlash against President Clinton's impeachment proved that the public has no taste for impeachment- no matter the extent of the high crimes and misdemeanors.

Because Congressional Republicans are just dying to sacrifice their careers to defend an imploding Administration.

Because it's scary to be decisive.

Because it's scary to rise to history's challenges.

Because David Broder would write something nasty about the Democrats.

Because all those annoying bloggers might start to believe they were actually right.

Indicted Plagiarist said...

Get well, Little Bill!

Vigilante said...

I have it on good authority that Lil'Bill is occupying the first room to the left of the nurse's station. How appropriate!

Emily said...

Hey, Little Bill,

I'm so VERY sorry that you are hurting. Playful leashed dogs are a threat to anyone's ability to remain upright when they are dancing around!!!

Here's to a SPEEDY and FULL recovery! I hope you get to enjoy reading some Jon Carroll and Derrick Jensen while you are HEALING! We're sending you loving thoughts!

Beach Bum said...

Little Bill, please rest and get well soon. Looking forward to your return and your next post.

Boris said...

Yeah, Bill. Next time kick the little varmints outta the way, huh?

an average patriot said...

Darn it little Bill!
I was wondering where you were. I warned you to be careful. Walking a dog sounds harmless enough but you know better now. You just have to learn the hard way don't you?

Vigilante said...

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Messenger said...

Get well, Little Bill. You need to get back here and straighten out some of these readers you have collected.

DB Cooper said...

Doesn't everybody realize by now that Little Bill is on strike? He's not resuming his blog until there's some good news? Like . . . .


pekka said...

This gives an added exclamation point to the old adage - those of who you love the most, hurt you the most. Hopefully they will at leat lick you better since I cannot kiss you better! I send you one anyway, LittleBill.

Yellow Dog said...

My info is that Little Bill will be released from captivity today. News at 11.

Vigilante said...

What I hear is that Lil'Bill gets out Saturday. If it's not by discharge, it'll be by busting out.