In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Right On, Mahmoud!

I listened to Ahmadinejad’s entire speech to the United Nations this afternoon and, with one slight exception, I agreed with everything he said. The exception was his rather long references to religious values. They did not bother me, however, because as an atheist I did not feel personally threatened. I share many of the values espoused by religious groups, though I find that Christian groups are very likely to show their contempt for the beliefs of others and less likely to live the values they espouse.

Back to Mahmoud. His speech today was much more coherent than his speech yesterday. He might have been affected by the curve of rudeness delivered to him and the lack of attention to some of the points he was trying to make yesterday, especially with regard to the resettlement of Jews by the more powerful nations in land usurped from nations in the Middle East. (Incidentally, I find CNN the likeliest of the commercial news channels to be fair in their reporting, but most of its news staff and the people they interviewed after his speech today continued to berate him for what he said. They must have been prepared in advance to belittle him, or they were watching another film, not the one I was watching. The Iranian president deserved and received a very large ovation from the members of the United Nations.)



Vigilante said...

He's a liar, Lil'Bill. Which all Americans should recognize, because they have had such intense experience with state-based liars in the last half decade.

Beach Bum said...

I have two major comcerns about the little dude from Iran. One, despite is sane moments I'm pretty sure he is far from playing with a full deck. Two, Bushy and him have far more in common they either would want to admit. A seperate concern is how the many in this country go into near hysterics at the mention of his name or the Iraq WMD's...wait a minute, I'm sorry I mean the Iranian nuclear ambitions the neocons are saying they have.

an average patriot said...

All right little bill!
I caught him at the school and was floored at his idiocy saying we should study the holocaust because we still study God. What an idiot! No one saw God. we saw the Holocaust. When he said how how well women were treated and there were no gays in Iran I had enough. Glad I stopped in.

LittleBill said...

Did any of you hear his speech at the UN? It was very different from the speech at Columbia, and I don't blame him, as one of the nations ticketed by Bush, who thinks HE is Godas a terrorist nation, for letting Bush have it right back. Find the complete text of what he said at the UN, and let me know if you found it any different from his first speech. He certainly got approval from the Members of the UN.

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill
I caught his UN speech. In fact, my son Jim was there as he was pulling bomb duty. He was more himself. At columbia he was a joke for sure. Made a fool of himself. Just wanted to check things out and see if you had anything new up. Hope you are well!