In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Delayed Reaction

Many, many years ago, when I was just a little girl and religion was not so militant, I attended a service at the local Presbyterian church with a friend of mine. As we sat in our pew, a silver tray was suddenly passed down the aisle with small cookies on it. I thought to myself, “How nice! Refreshments,” and I helped myself to several. That tray was soon followed by another, this time with little glasses of something to drink. They were small, so I took two and added them to the cookies beside me. Then I sat back, made myself comfortable, and ate lunch.

Some ten years later, when I was a student at an Episcopal boarding school, I was watching communion, when suddenly that childhood memory came rushing back to me, this time, finally, with realization.

After all of these years, I am quite sure God has forgiven me, for I knew not what I did.


an average patriot said...

You're funny my friend! I'm sure he would have smiled down on you.

Vigilante said...

File this under:

"The religious education of an agnostic"

This unravels a great mystery about you, Lil'Bill!

skip sievert said...

Not to worry Bill. There is no god as we think of it.
That was a con job created by the political establishment in an age of scarcity to get people to fight and die for abstract nonsense. Also to get people on work gangs so that they could be ''paid''... in other words create a class caste system.

Funny thing is we still use the social template of Babylon now in our age of abundance.
Crash test is looming.
Change is coming.

skip sievert said...

Oh and average patriot. god does not smile down on people. god is a concept by which people measure their pain in our twisted society.

Brainwashed ?
Ok. I understand.

Vigilante said...

Skip is a little rich boy. He lives in the age of abundance. Scarcity is the lot of the rest of us, who live in another 'age'.

skip sievert said...

Well.. at least my brain works without an elaborate system of filters that filter out reality.

How is it that most Americans seem to have their brains hooked up upside down and backwards ?

Money is fake btw Vig. It is used to control people in a caste class system such as we have.

You live in scarcity because you are being manipulated like a pawn.

Rich and poor are both fake names for social control. The value of those words is zero.

Vigilante said...

Lil'Bill, turn up your speakers and go here!

skip sievert said...

Funny thing the people that believe in our present political system are just as brainwashed as these religious rednecks.
Substitute belief in the 18th century antique document known as the constitution and you wind up with the same level of brainwashed dead ended thinking.

It is our political system that needs replacing.

GetaLife-ReadUrNews said...

It has been replaced. You haven't been paying attention. Get a life. Read your news.

skip sievert said...

The ''news'' is corporate mumbo jumbo.

You are brainwashed to believe in a social control system that is based on torturing its own citizens with lies.
Gatekeepers love your type.

You are another divide and conquer victim. The woods are full of em.

LittleBill said...

I'm not sure what some of these people read into my blog. Don't they know I'm an atheist?

skip sievert said...

Bill baby.. people come with their baggage.
I love creative types like you.
You seem very attractive and thoughtful.

LittleBill said...

Thanks, Skip. Glad to hear from you again.