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Humiliation, the Cost of Courage

By coincidence, at the same time I posted my quotation from Hamlet on my blog, a tabloid outed Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne. They are connected.

The quotation from Hamlet was about an army, “led by a delicate and tender prince” on their way to give their lives in a battle motivated by honor.

Prince Harry had insisted, over the objections of his family, on going to Afghanistan with his men. He had already been there for several weeks, facing the same dangers as his men, including going on patrol with them, when the tabloid printed the story, complete with photos which could have revealed clues as to his whereabouts.

That article was taken up by most, if not all, of the media worldwide. It is s-o-o-o tabloid and s-o-o-o American values that we maintain the right to know everything, even if it’s just for our entertainment.

Prince Harry has been called back home so that neither he nor his men will be targeted.

So that’s how a man with everything in life was stripped of the thing that mattered most to him, recognition as a noble human being, and reduced to returning to a life of luxury, protected by others, for all the world to see.

Do they teach you about this stuff in church?


an average patriot said...

my hat is off to Harry! I am sickened that the media or anyone today it seems, can keep their mouths shut. That really stinks. They should out the fools who do that!
Of course I gave that a lot of thought and I think since he was in a well armed front location with a field of fire he should have stayed. As they made themselves available pick em off. That could have been a good thing!