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True Tragedy

I wasn’t going to say anything about Governor Eliot Spitzer, and I’m still not going to say anything about him, except as he has affected others.

If you have watched TV for the past two days, you have watched his wife Silda change from a very attractive, vivacious middle aged woman to an old, old woman for whom the future can only be too long.

You have not seen his three TEEN-AGED girls since you saw them smiling with joy and pride at their father’s inauguration. Do you think you would recognize them now?

And, if you noticed his parents in the background at the inauguration, you saw that they were very old and extremely proud of what their son had accomplished (and might accomplish) during the rest of his life. His mother was tiny from age and illness, but made strong enough to be there for the occasion by its very meaning.

When the governor announced his resignation today, it was short, but left enough time to remind the public of the great things HE and the people he had worked with had accomplished over his time in office, and he said that the work would continue on after he left. Somehow, it seems to me that this particular occasion called for recognizing the great work THEY had done without including himself in a self-serving reference.

But he is not the only person who has transgressed. CNN announced today that the comedy shows would be in heaven tonight and into the future with all of the material which the governor has provided for them. (To those of you who will tune in and be amused, this tragedy has descended to your level at last.)


an average patriot said...

little bill!
You put that well as usual! I felt bad for his entire family and he really didn't say much about tem. Never mentioned his kids and parents. He was very arrogant and there was no remorse. He just said how much he accomplished. He's a slime. The hypocrite should volunteer to pay back the $80 thousand he stole from us for that.

Vigilante said...

Well put, Lil'Bill! I'm tired of women 'standing by their men'. I think it's humiliating, especially if the missus has a law degree in her own right and has already given up a career for the jack ass. But this tradition shoulda gone out of style with the Clintons. It's okay for embarrassed Republican women to carry on this tradition - because all Republicans are ass holes anyway and fully deserve their fate - but not Democrats.

Non-Partisàn said...

Elliot's Flowchart - Executive decision-making, baby!

LittleBilly said...

Loved the flowchart, Non-Part.