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McCain's Refrain - I'm a Fighter

And from there on, in most, if not all of his speeches, this has been his central theme. He has said he will fight for his party, for his country, and against “those countries that don’t like us very much.” And there’s the rub. His personal history includes a military family and an agonizing five year imprisonment in a Vietnamese prison, so it is not surpising that his philosophy is as it is.

He has chosen Bush’s technique of gathering followers, which is to assure the American population that he will protect us from our enemies. In order to reassure Americans, we have to have enemies, and what better method than being bellicose in America’s relationships with other nations. The reasoning is that Americans will feel safe under his protecting wings, and the rest of the world will be reminded that we are the greatest nation in world history, which will add a demeaning touch toward relationships with foreign countries.

Obama, on the other hand, has stated that his foreign policy will definitely be for the benefit of the United States, but that it will include an open mind and extended hand toward other nations in this world.


an average patriot said...

Hi little bill!
He might be a fighter but first and fore most like Bush he is a liar! He constantly says his family believes in actively serving his country and he has all his life. I disagree!
He was not a hero but a victim of circumstances. By the way how many of the other POW's do you think had whores brought to them. McCain is part of the lie we are living today. He is slated to finish off our America!

From beginning to end we are living a total lie but you know that! McCain and Eva Braun have been chosen to keep it going!
The Bradley effect is only one of the many big concerns this election. The right is going to steal this somehow.

That is increasingly obvious why the voting system is the way it is.
The complicit MSM keeps calling it close so it can be stolen once again. The question is how this time?

To me our only chance is to make sure people come out en masse and give Obama a landslide. Bush has until January 20th to do his worst and you probably know what I expect so I'll shut up! Take care!

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill
Another day and more lies by McCain and Palin!

Yellow Dog said...

We have everything to fear under McCain and Palin, starting with them!

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill
Just looking in on you hope you are well!