In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Political Smiles

The variation in smiles, particularly those of the people involved in the present run for president and the people around them, are both very interesting and very revealing. When greeting a crowd or giving a speech, Obama’s smile seems to radiate back to the crowd as individuals and almost as personal friends, this in contrast to the view of many that he is arrogant and distant.

Joseph Biden, Obama’s choice for vice president, has been in Congress for many years, and shows it when he speaks, as well as engaging the audience with beautiful teeth and a wide smile.

McCain’s smile, on the other hand is one of breathing in the adulation of the multitude, either as the war hero he is, or the future savior of the country. There is no warmth reflected back to his audience.

His vice presidential nominee, on the other hand, radiates the style of an on-stage comedienne, trolling for laughs, mostly at the expense of Obama and the Democrats, rather then sharing with the audience what her duties and philosophy would be as vice president.


an average patriot said...

You here the pundits saying it was great Palin could poke fun at herself but knowing she is a ditz and just acted like herself I think she made a fool of herself.
McCain is not a Hero just a victim of circumstances. He is slated to further the mess Bush purposely created. Beware!
I hope you are well little Bill!

Yellow Dog said...

You captured McCain perfectly, little Bill. Both he and his wife have frozen smiles on their faces.