In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist


I thought I told you all previously that all of my cats have changed dramatically since I had to give Watson back to the dog people (who will either find him a new home or keep him forever, thank God. He seems much happier there with a bunch of other dogs and people who can walk him.) I can’t find my blogs right now because I keep forgetting and messed myself up.

At any rate, Bella was afraid of Watson and was also a very strange cat when anyone tried to be friendly. She has changed the most. She is now all over the house, and she loves to be petted. She has also taken possession of the box which covers my keyboard, so she determines when the computer can be used. I just have to wait.

A short time ago the box was unsatupon, so I quickly sat down to try to locate a couple of my old blogs. As I struggled, Bella reappeared and sat quietly to my right watching what I was doing, but I took too long, and then----------she bit me!!



an average patriot said...

Hi Little Bull
Sorry about Watson and glad to hear Bella is finding herself. My question is how is your name sake little Bill doing?
No more shoulder rides I hope! You just made me remember ehw I almost have the name but the little black kitten you had.
If I remember correctly you changed his name to a her or something after you realized you had the sex wrong. Thinking of you, take care little Bill hope by now you are mended but start going slow!

LittleBilly said...

Hi, AvPat: I'm getting better fast (witness my blogs coming on), and will be operated on again next Friday to soothe my all-over pain. The first operation didn't last as long as we had hoped, but it was great while it lasted.

LittleBill and Mercury are still raising hell around the house, I'm glad to say. Mercury is a girl. I call her My little Black Cat with the Fat Tail, a nickname she recognizes and loves.

Bella is definitely the Queen of the Box Cover Over the Keyboard, so I have to watch what I'm doing and take my turn when she consents.

an average patriot said...

All right little bill(y)
So glad to hear from you! Do you realize how long it has been since you commented to me or how good it is to "hear you converse" Great!
Mercury that is it yes use to be Merc! I am sure you love mercury and little bill running around. So glad you are doing good. You just smell the roses and relax!

Vigilante said...

It's good to have you shaking the branches, Lil'Bill! I think I've lost the fire in my belly, but I know you haven't. And won't. Ever.