In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
The Use of Torture

If Torture Works, God Must Approve

It is utterly fascinating to watch this country mature in its leadership role in relation to the rest of the world. No wonder so many countries hate everything about us; they are just so jealous of our moral and religious values that they do not appreciate the methods we are sometimes forced to use in order to maintain peace among and between nations.

The latest thing that has been questioned is our government’s use of torture in order to converse with citizens from other countries with other beliefs. I heard today that it was our revered ex-Vice President himself who came forth to defend this nation in its time of trial when it is accused of using torture in order to protect us from our many jealous enemies. How can we possibly think of charging him or our beloved ex-President with having condoned a perfectly reasonable means of self-protection?

I wrote recently about the right to bear arms, stating courageously that it is my opinion that anyone of any age be aloud to arm himself. As a result of the ex-Vice President’s defense of a policy in use by the previous administration, I want to add it to my concept of how all Americans can and should put that policy into effect for the present and the future.

Starting with the youngest among us, those who have just come into this world, it is a must that the rest of us begin our training early with regard to our attitudes toward others of our own kind, gradually branching out into our views of the rest of the world. Some of these traits are already beginning to become a regular part of all human beings, as is apparent in young children at school who seem to enjoy tormenting other children just for fun. I was somewhat overweight when I was in the 7th grade, and I remember vividly being called “tub-o-guts” by a group of boys. It was really good practice for them, and I’ll just bet that they all grew up to be devoted gun owners.

But now we live in a very dangerous world, and I can just imagine how hard it would be for someone who hates us to hold back any plans for doing us harm if we just torture him enough. Some of these evil men are really tough, but if you think about how you would react to such treatment, they simply will not be able to hold out, so long as we can hold out on increasing the type and length of the torture. The knowledge by the rest of the world that we engage in torture will certainly get out, which may lead to a slight increase in the use of torture by our enemies, but our cause will prevail, because, as the whole world knows, we are a Christian Nation.



an average patriot said...

Hi little bill! I believe in the right to bear arms but not military style weapons. I am not a God guy but torture is not right and god wouldn't approve of it. The Fascist right sickens me!

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill
Just checking in on you. While I am here I will take the time to wish you a Happy Mothers Day! Hope you are well!