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Santa Barbara in Danger

The Jesusita Fire

This is just to let you know that I am being evacuated with my cats by my daughter and my helper because of another threatening fire.

Unlike last year, when the voluntary evacuation line was at Ontare, the next street over from me, this time Ontare is the mandatory evacuation line, and La Cumbre, a couple of streets beyond me in the other direction is now the voluntary evacuation line.

It all means a great deal of work for Autumn, even though one of my helpers has been kind enough to stay beyond her time to help.

So far, no homes or structures have been burned yet, but there are hundreds in imminent danger, and the winds will be very high for several days, and are expected to be extremely erratic.

Just wanted to let you all know what’s going on. Autumn would rather take me and my cats to a friend’s home, but I would much rather go back to her house as I did last time because I am familiar with it. It means more work for her, unfortunately, if I stay at her house.

I hope to God that the thousands of homes that are in danger will make it through safely. I can’t even bear to think of all the animals, both pets and wild, that probably won’t make it.

I’ll get back to you in a few days, I hope.



Yellow Dog said...

We're hoping you get back soon, Little Bill! Things are looking much better today

Vigilante said...

Yes, What Yellow Dog said!

LittleBilly said...

We are fine. Back home at last! The cats are fine, but LittleBill really freaked out both times he rode in a carrier. My house was in the evacuated part of the city, but thank God Autumn's house was not, so she took us down there for 5 days.

It is hard to look at our beautiful mountains and see that they are burned from horizon to horizon. And it is so sad to think of all of the animals that have perished at the hands of man, even accidentally.

I am having many more birds than usual. They had just gone to the mountains for the summer, and now have had to come back. I am so glad I have eleven bird feeders and two bird baths for them, as there are so many new visitors now.

I hope you are well and getting over the stress and fear we have all been through.

an average patriot said...

Wow little Bill
I was wondering if that was affecting you. Glad everything is okay. It has been more than a week since you wrote this and I have been busy and lost track so I hope all is well. I know you are enjoying having the extra birds around. Take care!