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What a Lucky Choice!

What a Great Choice!

I just watched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appear to answer questions of the press with regard to the Middle East. She was an enormous improvement over her predecessor. She spoke intelligently and calmly, with a welcoming smile in her eyes as well as on her mouth. Her demeanor respected her guest, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, and her questioners as well, rather than arrogantly speaking down to them.

Her position in life fits her like a suit, and she deserves no place to go but up when President Obama has finished his time in office.



an average patriot said...

Hi Little Bill
I'm sorry I guess I have been tied up. I was just listening to Hillary and feel she is doing a great job under Obama.
Speaking of Obama he has made a great choice with Sotomayor. Republicans are between a rock and a hard place trying to defame her while trying to court Hispanics.