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There is no question that U.S. citizens who live near the border with Mexico need and deserve governmental control and protection. After thinking about the new legislation signed by the governor of Arizona yesterday, I have been giving a great deal of thought to the dangers this law Might inflict upon the many millions of Hispanics already living here.

A forest of hispanic roots had been planted here long before Europeans made their entry, thus making the Americas more their land than the land of Europeans. (This, for present purposes. leaves out mention of the various Indians who preceded all of us.)

The purpose of this paper is to discuss identification. But let me stop for a moment to mention that the TWO GIANT PROBLEMS which no one in government in any nation on the globe has the courage to mention are RELIGION and OVERPOPULATION, the former responsible for the latter.

Catholicism, in particular, got a good headstart on teaching the masses that God has decreed what is now happening to us. And Catholicism’s followers include the high and mighty as well as the ignorant and penniless. The current sex scandal in the highest reaches of the Catholic Church is probably the most meaningful warning the world has had as to its weaknesses on a subject which deserves to be completely rethought in all its ramifications.

Some of those ramifications include, too many people, too little education, too few jobs, AND the citizens of a very poor nation living a river’s-width from a very rich nation. It is not surprising that all of these conditions can easily lead to those who are destitute looking at the rich nation as an exciting road to quick riches.

The requirement that those who migrate from Mexico to the United States for any reason carry a permit is only half a solution. This would leave all Hispanics who are legal citizens of the United States standing there legally naked. The best solution, it seems to me, is that all Hispanics in this country should also carry a card identifying them as U. S. citizens. This would simply identify them in the same way that my red hair would identify me. (And there may even by another good reason why ALL Americans should carry national identification in their own home country which will need to be considered in the present or future.)

Identification of Hispanics who are citizens here is most important for their relationships with other American citizens. Many Americans who lack education and spoil for fights, I am sure, will be drawn out to do their version of “defending America” when they see someone who looks and sounds Hispanic, i.e. unAmerican. A card identifying an Hispanic as a U.S. citizen could be a shield of security in a country which is finding out, unfortunately, that the experiment of mixing all races and religions may not be working.



an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill
I am very concerned that this new law will be abused and get out of control the way everything does. Remember the brown shirts prior to the Nazi's! I have not once heard what should instantly come to mind and that is the fact that the Jews were forced to show the star of David. They had to show who they were when they walked the streets. Just as Arizona's new law requires one to carry their passport to prove who they are. This is really disconcerting.

Arizona is on the front lines. Mexican drug cartels have turned Phoenix, Arizona into the kidnapping Capital of the United States. I keep hearing that the new immigration laws in Arizona go too far and have created Arizona the police State. To a degree that appears to be true but I am afraid necessary at this point. The drug war and the cartels are in every State in the country.

It is wishful thinking to think what is happening in Arizona will stay in Arizona. I would like to see this crackdown stopped right there but I am convinced it is a snapshot of what is coming to the entire country. Count on it! Many do not agree with me but like it or not they better smarten up and realize racial profiling has become a necessary evil.

Running red lights, speeding, erratic driving, suspicious behavior, drunken driving, domestic abuse, work place violence, ID's better be checked all the time every time to insure that ? are kept out whenever possible. Everyone of course will not be caught but a lot will. As I said under Bush with the Patriot Act it is not the law it is the person in charge of it. We knew he would abuse the power and he did.

We have to hope that Arizona law enforcement does not abuse their new power and wields it wisely and with constraint. Arizona can be a model for the rest of the country. It will be a model but I hope it is positive not negative. I keep hearing that the new immigration law will not stand up and that it is unconstitutional. No way!

Arizona is on the front lines of the US Mexico drug war. The Constitution gives us the power to protect ourselves. It will allow Arizona to protect her citizens. I am very concerned as to where this could head. Remember this Republican inflammatory environment we live in today. I do not at all like where this looks to be headed!

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Hi Anne! You know, that border is getting more dangerous every day because of the drug cartels.

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