In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist


The time has come for me to reveal myself to my faithful fans—I watch NASCAR! And not only that, I like it! It relaxes me.

For starters, I remember very few of the names inolved. The Bush brothers always seem to win, but on the other hand, I can never remember who wins. My favorite is Mark Martin. He is the oldest, in his fities, and he smiles all the time, win or not. (I realize I spelled “fifties” wrong in the last sentence, but it looks cute, so I left it.)

There are few, if any, women in NASCAR, and NO animals, which is its most saving grace, especially with world news as it is right now.

My computer and my TV are at right angles to each other and separated by about twelve feet. Thus, I can work at my computer, and turn my head to the left only when the noise level changes in both cause and intensity. Those are the most exciting moments to watch. And besides, they are always played over again right then so that those of us at home will not miss any mayhem—just one of the many marvels and services of modern TV.

Well, I finally got that off my mind, so back to work. To those of you who are still left by now, I hope we will still be conversing in the future.