In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist

Wouldn’t You Think....?

When listening to the news of the oil spill, I heard the newsman say that many people with plans to go down to the area for fishing and other sea sports had canceled their hotel reservations.

Now, assuming that most of this country’s citizens are God-loving Christians-- unlike the rest of us heathens—don’t the rest of you people realize they need us down there more than ever? Wouldn’t it occur to you to fill their hotels and restaurants with people eager to be there—to learn what real tragedy is, both human and animal? And, incidentally to enjoy the pleasures which they still have to offer, while at the same time returning the favor with your presence and your assistance if and where it might be needed, and especially your money to help allay the loss of thousands upon thousands of livelihoods?

Unfortunately, I am 87 and sitting in a wheelchair, so I can’t go, but I—and many others, both heathen and Christian, have been pouring our money and our hearts down into that part of the world ever since Haiti. As for the rest of you, think of someone beside yourselves.