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Bush and Blair

Watched Bush and Blair at their joint news conference on C-Span this morning. Bush did his usual very informative briefing, pressing his fingers to his breast and explaining that, see, the terrorists hate democracy and freedom, and also--especially-- they are willing to destroy innocent human life in order to achieve their ends. That is why we must destroy them. It's too bad you missed it, because that about sums it up for you.

What really impressed me, though, was that Tony Blair said almost exactly the same things. He has been quick and amusing in his appearances for Prime Minister's Questions, but he was a rather quizzical student looking at the master for approval of what he had to say in Washington.

Don't worry about the world, though, because Condi, the compromiser of all compromisers, is going back to the war area again tomorrow with her original offer still intact. All Hezbollah has to do is give up all their arms and return the captured soldiers, and THEN we'll talk.

Makes you proud to be an American.


Vigilante said...

Condi Rice make me proud to be an American. But what she does and says does not.