In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Self-Evident Truths

I hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • We can hardly claim that the United Nations as an entity is a failure,if we cannot also accept that our disastrous War Against the World is not also an even more disastrous failure. At least the United Nations has not incited spreading violence and chaos throughout the world.
  • It defies reason that countries who are heavily armed with weapons which include large supplies of nuclear bombs should claim the right to tell other countries that they cannot arm in similar fashion.
  • It also defies reason that the United States, which is supplying Israel with the bombs which are decimating Lebanon should be involved in any way as an honest broker in calling for a ceasefire. Beyond that, the only solution that the U.S. has to offer is the one-sided demilitarization of the Hezbollah and the return to Israel of two soldiers who may or may not have been in Lebanese territory, with no concessions by Israel on Israeli arms, or the call for the return of 400 prisoners held by Israel who may or may not have been fairly tried and/or convicted.
  • Our president would be laughable if he were not so pathetic, and at the same time frightening with his faith-based morals and sensibilities. He has lost the support of the world. Now he is losing the support of most of his own countrymen. Many of us are seeking a way in which to free this country of him as president and his dangerous vice- president as well. Bush is surrounded by a coterie of advisers and sympathizers who apparently support his theory that he was appointed by God to lead the world to a greater glory.
  • The American people have not paid enough attention to two of his most dangerous pronouncements:
  • If you are not with us, you are with the terrorists. ( This leaves the citizens of a supposedly great democracy without the most important freedom of all­the freedom to disagree.)
  • I will not accept anything except total victory. (And this man is looked to by the rest of the world to be the honest broker for settling the Iraqi-Lebanese War?! For God’s sake, why?!) (Note: Condoleeza Rice, after all the killing that has happened today, announced that she had decided this was not a good time to go to Lebanon. She was TOLD not to come!!)
  • There are two very good reasons why Bush has not called for a draft. For one, a draft would only lead to loss of support of those who support him now, because it would mean conscription of the sons and daughters of the rich and righteous who support him now. Second, although there are a number of educated officers and some educated servicemen who felt called to service solely on the basis of loyalty to their country, the bulk of the enlistees are young men and women without education or hope for a better life, and therefore easier to control and lead by propaganda. Life after serivice, if they make it that far, is the only hope most of them have. Unfortunately, many of those who come home will be severely physically and/or emotionally destroyed, with many others continuing to be killers as they were trained to be in the service, which will be their only skill.
  • The word “terrorist” was coined by the Bush administration in order to brand any and all enemies as evil and criminal. “ Terrorists believe in taking innocent human life for their own purposes and just for the pleasure of killing.” Hell, Bush is the terrorist to beat all terrorists, and he does it in the name of God!
  • As a veteran of World War II (which my values called upon me to be just because I didn’t have to), I will no longer stand or salute for the flag or the national anthem. I hate what this country has become. I hate the men who have made it this way, and I hate myself for the fact that this is the only way I can hope to add to the call for their removal.


Malfrat said...

So well written!

LittleBill said...

I'm so glad to hear that our president, as he has many times in the past, has promised to help rebuild the country of Lebanon, which has been destroyed to a great degree with American bombs. There have been so many countries which we have helped that are still in turmoil and decay.

I can't remember all of the people he has pledged to help, but I can remember Louisiana and the city of New Orleans. I remember all of the photo opportunities he had there, with his sleeves rolled up to emulate hard physical work. It would be wonderful if he could help Lebanon as expeditiously as he has helped New Orleans.

Vigilante said...

The best thing Bush could do to help out in a whole lot of things, IMHO, would be to resign.