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Questioning Bush's Philosophy of Middle East Diplomacy

It has been my impression that every time Ariel Sharon (and perhaps others) have agreed to a cease fire with the Palestinians, they have immediately undertaken to enlarge and increase the size and number of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. At the same time, they have continued construction of the monster defensive wall between the two peoples.

Am I wrong about this? If not, that certainly explains for me the hatred of Israel's neighbors toward Israel.

Further, hearing Condaleeza Rice demand that there can be no talk of truce unless and until Hezbollah surrenders its arms does not even begin to define for me the meaning and philosophy of diplomacy, especially with the United States encouraging the current hostilities in order to degrade the entire country of Lebanon and the spirit of its people.

If anyone has a different (or even better) conception of the situation, let me know.


Vigilante said...

I totally share your conception.