In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Safe at Last!

No sooner had I moved to my new room than my attending doctor, who had been disturbed by the fact that my leg pain persisted, sent me to the hospital for an MRI of my hip. It was there that it was discovered that I had an internal fracture in the neck of the femur. I was operated on the following morning, at which time the surgeon inserted 3 very long screws into the femur. (I saw the x-ray yesterday. Ouch!) I stayed in the hospital for four days and was then sent to another convalescent home, where the care and personal attention of the staff were far superior to my previous experience.

Above all, I treasure my relationship with my roommate’s husband, and through, him, with her. She was a very lovely-looking woman who, I gathered, had had a stroke some six years before and suffered from aphasia, the inability to speak words, although her husband told me that she was mentally alert. He spent most of his time with his wife, either in our room or taking her down the hall for the entertainment provided for patients. He told me that he was 91. What a long, sad end to two vibrant lives!

I watched C-Span most of every day on the TV in our room, and found that he was watching it also. We gradually learned that we had a great deal in common. Our conversation, as with so many people these days centered mainly around the war, the Bush administration, and immigration. I told him that I had my own views about immigration, which do not coincide exactly with either those firmly against, or those firmly in favor. As those of you who read my posts on the subject will realize, I blame most of the problem on this country and on those of us (and there are many) who are glad to take advantage of the situation for our own benefit.

This, of course, turned to talk of prejudice, and my friend told me that he and his wife knew a great deal about prejudice, as they are both Jewish and atheists. And the latter in turn brought a whole change in my way of thinking. I have always referred to myself as an agnostic, not knowing about how we got here, and not feeling it is knowable. But, as best I can explain their belief, they do not think there is any great, thinking force up there somewhere which is planning and creating the universe. This comes much closer to what I really feel, so henceforth I shall refer to myself as an atheist.

This experience and association is one which I would not have missed, and it will remain in my memory.

End of Chapter 5, and the end of my story.


an average patriot said...

little bill
very good! it took me 10 hours if you can belive it. to write my story today. i wanted to see what you and a couple others had to say so i will post it tomorrow.
anyway i like the way your story closed but it isn't over. i have to be honest with you, i have never heard of a jewish atheist. that's interesting! so your an atheist very good. you have taken a journey, had bad and then good experiences, and finally discovered yorself. how do you feel? i hope everything is well with you.

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill
Just me saying hi and wishing you well. Hope you are fine!

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill
While I am here how is your friend? Still in touch I hope. Hope you are well!

Vigilante said...

How to fire, Lil'Bill. I'm in total awe!