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When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Been thinking about our troops when they come home, if they come home. Let’s ruminate.

The Big Guys will be okay. They will still have the same jobs with high pay, but the little guys with little education and less hope who enlisted at least to earn some self-respect and possibly an education are the ones I am thinking about.

Many of our troops enlisted out of loyalty to those already serving, and that will be an inner badge of courage that can never be taken away. Those who enlisted out of patriotism to their country may find that to be a badge without meaning to them anymore.

Getting to the nittygritty, however, what are their prospects when they come home? Where will the new jobs be? Will they have to compete with the people holding the jobs they want or need, the ones who didn’t go to war with them, the ones who could have enlisted, but didn’t?

What about their qualifications? They have all seen HORROR close-up, and that will never leave them. It will be with them waking or sleeping. Those who have been in actual combat will have special skills, killing and cruelty, but they are not in much demand, and besides we have football players and other civilians here who will compete.

Many of our troops will bear the obvious badges of honor that we all can see, such as grievous head and facial wounds and missing or prosthetic limbs. Adjustment to civilian jobs may be difficult or impossible for them, and our present leaders apparently don’t have them on their front burners.

Welcome home, guys and gals!


an average patriot said...

Great post little bill!
Really glad to have you back and I hope you feel better every day. you know, It is the PTSD that really concerns me. Hopefully our soldiers escape physical injury but as you know, when they are their treatment is inadequate still today.
I have been hearing of a lot of programs available to get our soldiers adequate employment when they do get out. However as in Katrina and everything else today the source of help should be the Government but it is not. It is private sources again.
I know as to my two sons that are in and one is still over there, the local VFW has already stepped forward and have offered free membership and help with employment and anything else they could.
I was impressed but as you point out there is something unfare about these soldiers who have had their Patriotism abused and miused by Bush have to then compete with those that have not served but what do you do? There are many around here that are slouches and could care less about what is going on or about those fighting and you know that bothers me.

United We Lay said...

I have been hitting this point for 2 yhears now and no one seems to care. The troops are suffering. I've seen scary changes in some of my friends. The best thing we can do to support the troops is to BRING THEM HOME

an average patriot said...

I was just talking to my son who just got back from Afghanistan and right now he is on loan to Jackson hole Wyoming.
As you know, he is explosive ordinance Disposal ans now he says he is volunteering to lead his troops in Iraq again. I just hope he stays safe and does not end up one of the troops this system fails.

an average patriot said...

Have a nice weekend little bill! Hope the recovery is going well.

Beach Bum said...

Lil' Bill, Our superb leadership would be quick to point out that Wal-Mart and McDonalds are always hiring. Sorry I have not been back sooner, but things are hyper-crazy at the house. I hope you are feeling better.

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill
I hope you are well and I won't bother you. Just wanted you to know I have a new computer and server so I am learning everything and I have a new email. You take care and we wilo be in touch.

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill! Just wanted to check in, say hi, and I hope the recovery is going well. Chin up!

Messenger said...

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