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Economic Relief

Economic Relief According to LittleBill

Your reporter has had no training in Economics, so hang in there with me. As I understand it, lowering taxes for the masses for a bit or a while is supposed to bring succor to the masses. Remember George W. Bush’s most famous words, Go to the Mall and Shop. This is how I think it will work:

If you’re the top rich, you won’t even notice or care how much relief you get. Oh, you might decide to sign on to one of the upcoming tourist trips to the Moon or beyond. That ought to impress people.

If you’re really rich, you may treat yourself and your family to another home to add to the others you already own.

If you’re rich, you’ll probably have a couple more vacations to exotic spots, especially if you can find one you haven’t seen before.

If you’re middle class, it may still be difficult to afford a family vacation, but you might decide “what the hell, if not now, when?”

If you’re lower middle class, you might even decide to spend the whole amount on a new used car. That, however, means you have shot the whole wad at one time and won’t have it for a crisis. Or, you’ll have a fling at the mall for stuff you don’t need and will grow tired of.

And if you’re in one of the most dangerous, unpleasant, or boring jobs with no future, you’ll possibly use it for the only logical purchases of the group, food and secondhand clothes for your family.

That leaves the down and outs, and they won’t get anything, so they have nothing to worry about.

The lower you are on the receiving end, the faster what you spend on trifles or absolute needs will go all the way back up to the top to stimulate growth of their savings accounts and enterprises. And you will find yourself with no money again, in many cases no home, and possibly no job.


GetaLife-ReadUrNews said...

This is a bread, butter, potatos and meat issue. Not like same sex marriage, which is just a symbolic issue for a small, small, minority.

an average patriot said...

Hi little bill!
This so called relief package is worthless to those who need it. Bush of course is focussing on Businesses and making the wealthies tax cuts permanent.
Dems want more help for the poor. The chief liar and cry baby I am afraid will pull another temper tantrum until Dems give in and they will because underhanded Bush will convince the people Dems are trying to ruin them while as you know it is him.