In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
I Have Questions.Do You Have Answers

Our president has recently assured his loyal subjects that our basic economy is doing well. Are you reassured?

For those who have lost your homes through foreclosure, where are you living now? Are your children in their same schools? Do they miss their friends and neighbors. It is said that many people have abandoned their pets as they moved. Did you? Do you still have your same jobs, and are you closer or farther away? Did the president reassure you, or do you now feel that you have lost your home, your neighbors, and all sense of security?

To those of us who have not lost our homes, do you think of the people above who have been forced to move, do you miss them, do you wonder and care how they’re doing now, and do you let them know?

Entirely different subject, but about caring from a different point of view: Capital punishment by means of injected drugs is currently being questioned as cruel and unusual. If there is absolutely no question about guilt and the crime was horrific, who cares?


an average patriot said...

little bill he will not stop lying but reality is catching up with those lies but he will not stop but will blame it on someone else.