In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Same Sex Marriage and Abortion

The above two subjects are embraced by the evangelical crowd almost more than any other values on their list of good deeds done in the crusade for personal redemption and welcome into heaven and eternal life by their beloved god.

Taking gays first, if you are not gay yourself, it is not unusual to find the homosexual lifestyle strange, even abhorrent. If a family member is gay and you are not, because sex is such a major part of life, the dichotomy of relationships may very well be difficult to accept and deal with.

If, on the other hand, any relationship is casual and does not involve sexual advances, what right does anyone have to attempt to control the homosexual lifestyle? It’s none of our business, and we have no right to try to make laws controlling homosexuals, especially when they seek to pledge their love for each other through a religious ritual.

On to abortion! As with homosexuality, this crusade is undertaken by religious zealots who wish to control the lives of people whom they don’t even know because of their belief that abortion is murder.

Again, if you believe that abortion for any reaon is murder, this will undoubtedly cause a great deal of sorrow and strife between the woman involved and her family or lover. But in the end it is the sole right and responsibility of the woman involved to make the final decision. If you don’t approve of abortion, just don’t have one.

There are many reasons for a woman to want an abortion – rape, incest,, serious deformity of the child, health of the mother to name the most obvious. The reason that is not obvious, but should be, is overpopulation, which will soon make abortion unnecessary because that is already being taken care of by murder, war, disease, starvation, and destruction of the Earth’s resources.

Coincidentally, as I was writing this, I heard Mike Huckabee giving a rousing speech before tomorrow’s vote in South Carolina with major emphasis on getting same-sex marriage and abortion codified n the Constitution.


an average patriot said...

Hi Little bill!
huckabee is an idiot! I don't understand being gay actually but to each his own. I am against abortion unless it is to save your life or something.
However being a to each his or her own kind of guy I would never even think of imposing my will on someone else and if these idiots are Christian that is anti Christian and should tell you somkething about them and their perverted beliefs!

GetaLife-ReadUrNews said...

Same Sex Marriage and Abortion are merely symbolic issues.