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Do other nations send their citizens over here to oversee our elections and any hanky panky that might be going on? Were any foreign observers here during the “elections” of 2000 and 2004? Have our citizens who are observing foreign elections been invited?

Americans are hysterical about their right to bear arms. Funny thing is, I have seldom, if ever, heard or read of a gun having been used legally by a person using it for protection of his/her home, family, or self. By far, the incidents appearing in the news are about criminals using guns.

The Second Amendment, written long ago when this was a very young country, which had only recently conquered and wrested it from the Indians who were the original inhabitants, appears to have had in mind the self-protection of the conquerors from those whom they had wronged, as well as being a step up in the formation of a “well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.”

Wouldn’t you think that human beings would finally realize that hunting is just a MAN thing that is somehow connected with sexual prowess. We are rapidly reducing or destroying numerous species of animals, and people who live “civilized” lives no longer need to kill to eat. It’s just a “fun” thing to do, sort of like drinking or drugs, and also without moral conscience. And it is so easy to do if you are well-armed, because in almost every instance the prey is totally unaware that it is about to die, and defenseless as well. God, there is nothing quite as sexy as a man returning home with several birds in hand! You can’t blame a group of men like that bragging to each other and anyone else who will listen about their bags for the day. Or even a dead deer, though she may leave a fawn behind. Ooh, it just thrills me!

Sorry, every time I think of Bush or Cheney, this is what happens to me. I just sort of seem to lose my self-control. Better get to bed.


Vigilante said...

Thinking of Busheney is the last thing any one should be thinking of before one goes to bed.

LittleBill said...

You're right, Vig. I had nightmares all night.