In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist


On behalf of all non-believers, of which I am one, I beg you to stop going door-to-door attempting to save our souls. Speaking for myself at least, I find this very intrusive and somewhat insulting. I would never consider going to your homes in an attempt to dissuade you of your beliefs. I can assure you that many of those who do not believe in God or practice other religions have very well-thought-out views of their own on the subject. Only some Christian sects, that I am aware of, are making overt attempts to convert others. But non-believers, to my knowledge, have no desire to convert others to our way of thinking, or to be converted.

A non-believer has spent years of his life thinking his way to a set of individual values which best suit his relationship to the vast Out There--the Earth, and its creatures (including vegetation and minerals on and/or under its surface.) We have a sense of responsibility toward all that we are aware of—and in my mind, that includes any rights or responsibilities we may or should have with regard to the Universe around us. Very few of those of us who THINK are concerned about what happens to us when we die. Thus, we do not have concern for any possible afterlife for OURSELVES as an urgent question in our minds.

As for the sins, large and small, which we have committed, we have already sought to settle them within our own consciences. Regarding any sins for which it is too late to seek forgiveness, we will carry them within our minds for the rest of our lives (as we should.) We would prefer that to seeking absolution through an intermediary.


There has been a great deal of talk lately about some Christians seeking to cram their religion down the non-believer throats of the rest of us by enshrining some of your mores in our Constitution. As a born-bred-and- will-die American, I am TELLING YOU to keep your beliefs out of my rights!

The two main issues between us are the RIGHT TO NOT BE BORN and the RIGHT TO DIE.

As for the first, there are many, many children who are born into this world with their futures already decided for them. They may be badly crippled or mentally retarded. For every such child, it may have a mother who does not want it, a society which will reject or deride it, and a future possibly growing up alone and unable to care for itself. (Your answer will be that there are lots of people who will be glad to take care of it, but even that kind of care does not really give it a LIFE.) And you seem to be stuck at the point of a dear little baby, just delivered—and not beyond, to a miserable middle-aged man or woman living in despair.

And your answer will be, “Oh, I know lots of exceptions!” Well, that may be, but they won’t come anywhere close to the number of those whose unfortunate lives follow the rule.

On to the Right to Die, many Christians with no connection whatsoever to a person who wants—or needs—to die, apparently think their own beliefs should prevail over the beliefs and desires of the person involved. Since death will come to all of us, such intervention goes far beyond concern to the apex of unwarranted intervention. The person in question may be suffering excruciating pain, or just as bad, unbearable despair.

In either of the cases discussed above, any decisions must be up to the patient, his/her doctor, his/her family, and any other persons the patient chooses.

Addendum: Isn’t it odd that this “Christian” country is willing to send out many of its young men in the prime of their lives to kill enemy young men who have been sent out to kill ours for the very same reason—sometimes one side, then the other on the defense or offense?

Well, without realizing it—or even thinking about it—overpopulation is largely what causes the wars in the first place, and wars are the means by which mankind will continue to try to control its overpopulation.



an average patriot said...

I have nothing against ones Religion but I wish they would just keep them top themselves.

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill, just looking in and want to say Hi!

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill, just looking in and want to say Hi!