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New Subjects to Come Up

Yesterday, on our way home from an appoiontment, my caretaker, Rocio, took the freeway, which I hate. The reason I hate the freeway is the fear of seeing a dead, injured, or terrified dog and not being able to do anything about it.

But there ARE things you can do, and when I was able to drive and could make decisions about things like that myself, I did them myself—as do
many other like-minded people.

The knowledge and tools needed for such a task are:

Willingness to sacrifice time
Recognition of DUTY to help something or someone you don’t know

I will be writing a great deal about animals in the future, much of it from personal experience—and some of it with shame.

The Atheist


an average patriot said...

Look forward to it little Bill. Without values and principle regardless of what they are you have nothing. Take care!

an average patriot said...

Hi little Bill I just want to say Hi and I am happy to see your E's