In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
God and Nature

The awareness of global warming is beginning to grow all over the planet. Whether you are a believer in God or a believer in Nature, what is happening is being felt by all of us. Many who believe in God believe the End Days are upon us. Many who do not believe in God agree that that might be possible, but from a different point of view.

God and Nature are essentially one and the same. For those who believe fervently in God, mankind is being punished for its sins of ignorance, greed, and venality. For those who believe in Nature, mankind is being given a warning. Those who believe in God react by feeling helpless and praying for his help. Those who believe in Nature realize we are thinking creatures and we had better start trying to get ourselves out of the hole we have dug.

For one thing, there are just way too many of us on this earth for the room and resources it has provided. Many of those who believe in God will have to come to realize that we just cannot continue to breed ourselves into oblivion. Saying that every life is precious is a fine idea, but a life that is born into poverty, disease, and starvation can hardly be God's choice. Mankind is responsible for that and had better start taking responsibility.

Many natural disasters, like earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes, are not really caused by mankind, but mankind can often ameliorate them by living differently. Hurricanes and other storms originating in the atmosphere are telling those who believe in Nature that how we live individually is beginning to affect mankind globally. The fumes that America in particular sends into the atmosphere are beginning to affect not only us, but the entire planet.

Many of those who believe in Nature are working hard to climb back out of the hole we have dug. On the other had, many of those who believe in Nature are also into greed and venality. For example, if producing pesticides and other chemicals which do more harm than good are faster and pay well and people want them, go for it.

Unlimited prosperity and the pursuit of fun and creature comforts beyond those which are necessary are warnings to us of increasing personal greed, made even worse in a capitalist society, which can only exist if it is made up of those who have more and those who have less.

If we, especially in this country, do not accept God's punishment and /or Nature's warning and begin individually to lower our standard of living, it will indeed be due to our individual ignorance, greed, and venality, and can only eventually lead to the End Days. It is our fault, and we can do something about it. What a shame if we don't!


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Sounds like a Deist position! Just like our founding fathers! Bravo!