In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
About the Draft - Part II

It is not surprising that the White House and its supporters would be firmly against a draft, but it is very disappointing to me that some Democrats are already showing a great lack of courage by agreeing with them.

The idea seems to be that we can just train and/or rearrange the armed forces we now have in order (with a little help from recruitment) that we can make do with the forces we now have. Sending them back to hell sooner or for longer stints might help. No need to get into a long and costly process of drafting and training people who have never been in a war.

The armed forces who are there now are (or were) human beings. I could stand to see the results of just one roadside bomb or take part in the invasion of a home full of frightened people just once, and that would be the day that I would commit suicide. I'm not the only one who would feel that way. There are many more suicides in this war than there have been in any of our previous wars.

I sincerely commend Charlie Rangel for his courage in continuing to call for a renewal of the draft in the hope that that will make us think twice about being a "country at war" as Bush likes to refer to us. There are men and the are MEN, and there are values and there are VALUES. Charlie Rangel is a MAN with VALUES.


Malfrat said...

Selective Service says, No draft on the horizon.

skip sievert said...

Our military as being used presently is merely a mercenary force for big business, particularly Saudi Oil , and British Petroleum , among others though.
Many people in the war colleges and elsewhere are aware of that fact.
There is a anger building presently about that.
Currently within the military there is a big buzz about our so called president. Some people are picking sides for and against.
Could we be in for a removal of the president , ? and an acknolegement by some top military people that the U.S. has indeed become a thug society run by corporate Mafia special interest.?
Is Congress now complicit in this also with its control now by Special Interest groups that are antithetical to the people of North Americas interests. ?
Questions that may be anwered in the not so distant future. Questions that need to be addressed. Confusing times are just ahead.

pekka said...

Irony here must be W's insistence in holding on to the "best damn" Defence Secretary, herr Rumsfeld, whom gave the birth to the meaner and leaner American military.

Looks like they took too many pounds off, and Skeletor can't take this famine too much longer. Then again, why wouldn't this particular, unfortunate decision come to bite their collective asses like just about all the other ones have? One burning question remains, though - when the hell are they going to run out of bad ideas?

To link an average American to the war and to make him/her experience some of the needed pain cries for draft. That propably being a political impossibility under Dubya's watch, they could at least consider outsourcing the military. Haliburton with it's global reach could easily get an army of million by hiring unemployed from the places like the Democratic Republic of Gongo and Bangaladesh. With the same results and bigger bang for a buck, I might add.

skip sievert said...

My country tiss of thee , sweet corporate entity, of thee I sing.

Join the U.S. military. Go to strange exotic places and kill strange exotic people.
All for the powers that be.
Hello suckers. Bonus to follow. G.I. loan perhaps. Get a piece of the action.