In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
We Are Not Going To Give Up

Bush appeared before the press a short time ago to announce that virtually nothing has changed in his ossified mind. He was flanked by officers whose expressions were inscrutable, but interesting.

We really ought to add Our Interestststs to our list of revealing subjects in his book of brainwashing, right up there with the Terroriststs. (He loves S's.) The interests of the rest of the world, or even the citizens of this country, are immaterial. Losing is the one thing he cannot accept, at any cost.

As usual, he said that if we turn the leadership of Iraq over entirely to the ELECTED leaders before they are ready, the terrorists will surely use Iraq as a base from which to attack us here at home. There are a couple of things about that:

  1. I thought I heard him announce after the "democratic" election that the government was now in the hands of the people and the government of Iraq to work out for themselves. Now there is continuing talk about possibly changing the democratically elected government, though it is being denied at the moment.
  2. If we withdraw our forces before we WIN, it is certain that the terrorists will follow us here.
Hell, the so-called terrorists (which all of them may or may not be) are making up for not killing us here by killing us over there through the deaths of our armed forces. Not only that, they will shortly surpass the numbers killed in 9/11 over here.


Messenger said...

Bill, there have been rumors about rumors about a putsch or coup d'etat for months. Maliki's crown rests upon an uneasy head.

pekka said...

Nobody knows for sure what will be in Iraq when the gun smoke clears out enough to see. However, it remains a non brainer that what ever will be, it is not going to be one of the Dubya's hallucinations. While this puppy, Dubya, sleeps, his back paws scratching the lino and little yelps coming out of his grinning muzzle, the region is going to hell in flames. That the puppy cannot be woken from this dream of his is painfully clear and for that countless of thousands still have to die. I got sick and tired of pulling my hair in frustration, so, I shaved it off.

LittleBill said...

Great comment, Pekka. How do you look?

pekka said...

How nice of you to care how I look, littlebill! I look now..., I suppose, a little like Robert DeNiro did in "Taxi driver". Crazed and dangerous looking but without firearms.