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First, let's think about immigration (legal or illegal). Our middle class, upper class, and the I-don't-have-to-work class all benefit from the slave labor which provides many of our wants, but we are furious that OUR taxes have to provide for their health and education needs. It hasn't occurred to most of us that if they earned a living wage they might be able to provide for health and education themselves.

Now let's think some more about the wars in Iraq and elsewhere. Have any of you ever heard of the word "propaganda"? There has been a ton of it issuing from the Bush administration ever since 9/11, and it is particularly useful in recruitment and training of the armed forces. Keeping in mind the fact that the propaganda and outright lying began with 9/11, I would divide the groups of members of the current military into the following categories:

Men and women who had chosen military service as a career.

Patriots of any kind and from any level of society who enlisted in the service in their country's time of need.

People who were out of work and facing few alternatives.

Young people, many uneducated and not yet mature in their view of life.

Macho types who are turned on by the idea of the HUNT.

(Feel free to add, subtract, or criticize the above. We need statistics on these.)

There is a great deal of handwringing about the loss of American lives, but practically none about anyone else. That tells you something about religion and values right there.

At his press conference today, Bush indicated that he hasn't the slightest intention to follow anything proposed by the Iraq Study Group. Instead, he wants to increase our military forces, adding to the permanent standing forces. He mentioned the word "recruitment" but not a whisper of the word "draft". The people who are rich and the people who are enlightened about this war and this leader are unlikely to sign up.

Finally, Bush does not know, although he has used the words "victory" and "peace" that they are not synonymous.

To end on a positive note, hot damn if I didn't hear our Great Leader call again for the American people as a whole to SHOP.


Vigilante said...

I'm shopped out because I'm tapped out.

pekka said...

Your categories covered them all with a possible exception of jilted lovers. I don't know if it works with the Americans but the Foreign Legion of France used to get a sizable portion of it's manpower made by broken hearted men.

Beach Bum said...

Despite the best efforts of Dragonwife I have yet to seriously consider the Foreign Legion, a small village in Mexico someplace but not the Legion.
But as for reasons for joining I enlisted because I felt I had to give something back to the country I was lucky enough to born in. The education benefits and helping me mature and see some of the world, during active service, were icing on the cake.

Malfrat said...

Good Post!

skip sievert said...

The new General for Iraq may be a guy named Betray-us.? Does that seem a little odd to anyone.?

an average patriot said...

Very Good little bill!
I must say I did heaar the D word today but not from Bush. Rather from one of the retired Generals.
you knew for a fact Bush would ignore the ISG that is why he assigned his own study group to tell him what he wanted to hear.
More troops in Iraq and a larger military. What a coincidence. You know in his hands this is a very scary thought.
Not just for us but Iran and the entire middle east. With another carrier Group heading to the middle east to boot plus what I found out today and will be posting on tomorrow the middle east better be very scared.

pekka said...

Before Iran, there is a regular pain in the ass, baby Assad, living in Syria whom has to be eliminated. Tick, tick, tick...say bye bye to BA!