In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Another Look At Illegal Immigration

It's time for a more reasoned perspective on illegal immigration. Sure, we need to be worried about the international atmosphere created by the Bush team. And there are certainly many illegal immigrants coming across our borders. But most are paying an awful physical price for the journey in terms of death by starvation and/or fatal dehydration.

Some are carrying drugs because the market for illegal drugs in this country evidently makes the gamble worthwhile. Whose fault is that?

A good deal of crime also crosses the border with them, but, hey, we have plenty of that here already, physical, social, and corporate.

And, so far, we haven't found any nuclear weapons on them. So cool it.

If you're going to think in terms of illegal immigration, you must also think of unbearable population, and not enough people are thinking about that yet.


Messenger said...

This battle over the contribution illegal immigration makes to over population was fought within the governing board of the Sierra Club a couple of years ago. It was bruiser.

pekka said...

Strangely enough, I have been thinking about your ever increasing population and what the consequenses might be. I am sure, that the time of urgent need to populate the empty country has passed just like the roaming herds of prarie buffalos have.

What would be the point that the growth becomes an hindrance instead of the benefit it has been for you? Has that point already been reached? The matter of people moving in large numbers to the Sun Belt must have also negative or even unmanageable consequenses. Where is the potable water supposed to come?

I am hoping that you smart and genuine Americanos will take over and talk about this, at least in my mind, dangerous trend!

skip sievert said...

Populaton must grow in a price system method as we have. Growth , selling more light bulbs and toilet paper must expand. Other wise it collapses.
With our population of 300 million and our resource base presently we should be fine for the time being.
Much of the rest of the world is grossly overpopulated as to their own resource base.
If globalism does collapse , as it must , it will be curtains for those people with not food sources besides us.
With 6 billion people in the world and a world that may be able to support perhaps 3 billion , we are doomed on the present course to a terrible fate for much of the world.
While for the time being we are shipping food from North America , and other resources the Globalism picture is still running , but at a terrible cost. The whole process is run by money and a desire for money. This is pointless.
Before world war two time there were about 3 billion people.
It is argued that number may be sustainable on planet Earth. That may be high though.
So, Crash test is ahead. No way out , we are doomed in the present system.
Explore technocracy ideas . It is an alternative that will work. It is Unique in that it is not a political or a belief system. Science based, and not a price system either. We use energy accounting instead of money.
The so called alternative things presented by most are not actually alternative , but variations of the price system .

Our window of time to change is open for us now. It will close if we keep the system we have now , which is not creative . Explore Technocracy.

an average patriot said...

This is the only issue to me!
Illegal Aliens stop at no medical checkpoint. Whoever walks through our foolishly open Golden Door comes in healthy or sick. If a border patrol sentry catches a healthy Illegal Alien he might be sent back home immediately. However, if we catch and detain a sick Illegal Alien, who after examination by physicians in a detention center proves to have a serious disease, we keep him! Foolish compassion makes us fear that his home country has neither adequate medical resources nor modern wonder drugs. So we release sick Illegal Aliens to the American streets, to infect others if their diseases are contagious, or we place them in our Medicaid program where we pay for their expensive treatments.

Foolish medical generosity encourages clever Illegal Aliens to exploit free medical Horrendous diseases that long ago America had conquered are resurging.
Horrific diseases common in Third World poverty and medical ignorance suddenly are appearing in American emergency rooms and medical offices. Along with the visible invasion of Illegal Aliens across our borders is an invisible invasion of deadly diseases.
With the care that EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, provides, it has been noticed that there is a resurgence of horrendous
diseases that long ago America had conquered.
Horrific diseases common in Third World poverty stricken countries and no medical coverage suddenly are appearing in American emergency rooms and medical offices.
Along with the visible invasion of Illegal Aliens across our borders is an invisible invasion of deadly diseases.
Many illegals who skulk across our borders have tuberculosis
(TB). That disease had disappeared from America.TB’s swift, deadly return now is lethal for about 60% of those infected. The culprit is the new Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) Until recently MDR-TB was endemic to Mexico.
MDR-TB takes 24 months with many expensive drugs with toxic side effects (that cost around $250,000). Each Illegal Alien with MDR-TB coughs and infects numerous people who will not show symptoms immediately. Latent disease explodes later, like a time bomb. this TB strain has since 2002 gone up 17% in Virginia, skyrocketed 188% in Washington D.C., and up 81% in Queens, NY etc.
It has been traced to illegal aliens from Mexico, Philippines, Viet Nam, and other South American countries. This affects schoolteachers, children, law enforcement etc, who are sometimes purposely infected by illegals who cough in their faces. Recently TB erupted in Portland, ME and Del Ray Beach, FL

This is just the beginning and only one once eradicated disease. Chagas disease a horrible disease from Latin America infects 15 million per year there and kills 50,000. This is a horrible death, please look at the link.
Leprosy once almost non existent in America in now is now endemic to northeastern states.
There are now leprosy clinics in New York City. Illegal Aliens and other immigrants brought leprosy from India, Brazil, the Caribbean, and Mexico.
Dengue fever is being brought in by illegals from Ecuador, Peru, Viet Nam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Mexico.
Once eradicated Polio, is back in America brought in the bodies of illegals.
Hepatitis A, B, and C are resurging. deadly Marburg disease and hemorrhagic Ebola are just two more.

Just one infected person who could walk through the Golden Door of our Hospital to the World could be a suicide bomber with incendiaries in his arteries, veins, or capillaries".

* Where is the concern? I have not heard this even mentioned by anyone on either side of the debate or by any politicians. Why? The issue and the answer is political judgment not medical judgment.

GetaLife-ReadUrNews said...

"Just one infected person who could walk through the Golden Door of our Hospital to the World could be a suicide bomber with incendiaries in his arteries, veins, or capillaries."
I thought I was a Kook on immigration until I read this. I had to check the link to make sure Average American Patriot didn't write this. This is the most paranoid statement on immigration I have read, and I thought I had written many of them. Ave. Amer. Pat., your portait should include sheets and a cone hat. UNBELIEVABLE!

pekka said...

Hmmm, I think that I second that Andy!

skip sievert said...

Technocracy`s plan would combine Canada, U.S. , Mexico , and Central America. Then immigration would shut down.
The reason for that construct is the resource base. That would include about 52% of the worlds resources within it.
Despite that some people think that money is real , and not worthless, it is our actual resources that have value.
The whole concept of a health care system that is run by money is ridiculous. Money insures that all decisions are made wrong. A technocratic society uses energy accounting , rather than money. This idea is based on sustainable abundance of the resource base.
I would encourage all readers here to go to to explore some of those idea.
There are alternative to what we are now doing. Real ones, not Political ones. Technocracy is not a political system. It is science based and administered by science. No Politics at all.

With a population that we have presently , we are not in danger. A place like China with it 1.6 or 1.3 billion population , no one knows the real population , they are in extreme danger.
With the system we have here, our resource base etc, the hard thing to do is maintain scarcity , as a price system must do.
Our system must keep things scarce. The Chinese have the opposite problem , with their small resource base.
Our system is spinning out of control. Our resources are going off to other parts of the world for globablism. This ends badly if there is an interuption of oil or any number of things.
It then collapses. -- We will fare fine here. We have the resources.
I pity the poor Chinese though , and many others that are living so far beyond their means in resources for population.
Our Politicians encourage immigration , legal or other wise. This adds to the cheap labor pool , and also means more consumer products will be sold. A Price System must grow.
We must get off this terrible wheel of growth , and switch to creative sustainable abundance in a non-price system.
As a consumer in a technate you would not buy anything. All essentials would be free , as a right of citizenshop. Housing , food, healthcare, etc. -
Our proposal is secular and humanitarian.
It is creative and vital. It is a way out. We have a plan. It is The Technocracy Study Course, available at It is a free down load to your files.
Also available there is Beyond the Cloak of Deception , by Skip Sievert Also free as a download to your files.
Explore Technocracy, friends.

LittleBill said...

A really interesting bunch of comments to mull over. Thanks, guys. I will be reposting my very first post to my blog as soon as I can get help doing it. I'm not that good at the computer yet. It is entitled Overpopulation Solutions, as I recall. Hope you all will be watching for it.

Blogging4Food said...

Thiz iz a great idea, Skip. Do away with immigration by doing away wity borders, which is doing away with a major raision d'etat, right? So the North American Technate becomes tri-lingual? Yes! Very colorful! Can't wait to tell Pekka about Canada's absorption into this mega-technate. He'll be so enthusiastic, he might cancel his vacation to Finland!

Messenger said...

I expect that Pekka will want to Say No to Deep Integration with the United States!

skip sievert said...

Technocracy actually was the first great counter-culture movement that occured in the U.S. - It really is alternative.
We have had this same plan of the Technate being Canada, U.S. , Mexico, Latin America , and the very top of S.America since our conception in 1934.
The reason is the resource base.
After the Technate is established we will enforce that border though absolutely. No illegals. Only the citizens that are here.
The design of the Technate has not changed one iota since `34.

In a price system immigration is a must as growth of population and growth of economy have to happen. In our system special interests of money and belief have no power. It is non-political also.
Food Blogger, it really is counter-culture , not Utopian , or Left Wing , or Communistic , or anything thing else. It is Unique to the American experience though , and was formulated by some of the greatest most creative thinkers in our history.

skip sievert said...

Messenger , our program is not even remotely connected with what you posted about Nafta and so forth. In fact it would be a complete opposite. We would use energy accounting instead of money , and not have a consumer society based on brainwashing and propaganda by big business.
Also all citizens would be equal as to their consuming power. Also all services and basic things would be free , Housing , Food , education, etc.
Sound appealing.? It is just about the most creative thing I have ever heard of.
Check out the
site , and some of the others.
I think the Canadians , and the others would sign on , especialy from the doomed culture we are in now. We are in a culture that values almost nothing. It rewards war. Rules of the Game. Build arms , sell them, create a market, etc.

Messenger said...

Gibberish. Absolute gibberish, except for the part of being alien to American culture. Alien to any other culturew for that matter. Everything in this world has a cost and a price, because everything is governed by the attribute of scarcity. Including time. And, speaking of time, it is so scarce you would have to pay me to read your crummy book which would shed no light on real world problems. Time is so scarce, and I am being paid so little to write these words, I'm going to stop right now.

pekka said...

Dear friends, every Canadian that I have come in contact, and that includes my wife, are seeing their situation as a mouse sleeping with an elephant. Any moment that bemoth can roll over and flatten you but good. There in lies the problem, Canada needs the U.S. for it's economical survival but it definitely doesn't want to become you.

Canada's resources are vast and your hunger for them is ever increasingly unsatisfied. The huge Alberta oil sands projects are almost entirely financed and operated by American companies to try and satisfy your need for oil. It has made this once fairly pristine Province the most polluted and it's vast fresh water resources have been deminished by the reckless use to extract oil. There is something resembling a prototypal banana-republic in this because oil flows out and refining and other usages are taken care South of the border.

There is also some pressure for Canada to start selling it's fresh water resources to you. The pressure is going to get more insistent with the depletion of your own water sources and this will be in the future a possible turning point in the relations between the two countries. Including some form of muscle flexing by the U.S. Army if Canada doesn't see the issue in "proper" way.

I fully sympathize Canadian position having myself being living by the other big bemoth, the U.S.S.R./Russia. My trip back to my old hunting grounds in Finland is not going to be a vacation but a permanent one on the insistance of the chairperson of the board aka my wife. Go figure, Canadian girl who loves Finland and Russians wants to take me there while this Finnish man who loves Canda and Americans have to go. Man's gotta do what man's gotta do!

sorosproxy said...

Mr. Pekka, a strong man, married a strong woman: a perfect win-win situation.

LittleBill said...

Pekka, good luck and happiness in your move. We women are tough.

But wherever you go, don't leave us. We need you, and I love you.

pekka said...

Oh, LittleBill, you just demonstrated how a few kind words can make a person feel like a million dollars! I will immediately go and do the same to somebody. My move is still a good six months in the future. I have told you, that I am one of your biggest fans and even the wild horses couldn't pull me away from here. You are a wise, dear lady and I love you too!

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