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Are We Lemmings?

Having watched several moments of "sports" battles, especially in basketball and soccer games on television news programs in recent months, as well as the various wars going on, and a general lack of personal "purpose" in life, the following thoughts come to mind:

I'm not a scientist, so I can't speak with any authority, just rumination, but I have been wondering if homo sapiens is moving closer to his outer limits as a species. Certainly there have been wondrous spikes in his development, and great troughs as well, both in individuals and in cultures, physically and intellectually.

But now we are at a point beyond which we may not be able to go. Science has reached a point where it is trying to create human beings synthetically, rather than as Nature (or God, if you will) created us. And at least a few mad scientists hope to someday find the key to living forever. (They seem to have overlooked the fact that population is out of control worldwide, while the Earth's resources are rapidly dwindling.) There is startlingly little intellectual or spiritual development beyond that already extant that enhances life or living.

Like numberless species before us, we appear to have developed beyond the capacity of our environment to support us, and, like lemmings, we are unknowingly running off a cliff in an inadvertent vast species suicide.


Blogging4Food said...

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Blogging4Food said...

95% of the time, Sievert is idiotic. But 5% of the time he nails it.

Blogging4Food said...

Just yesterday I observed that the smartest thing I've heard Skip Sievert say, (and I forgot where he said it) was that Americans have always mistaken their resources for brains. I think he meant by that that they always thought they were the chosen people because of their ingenuity. When in fact their abundance has allowed them to become complacent and stupid.

Brilliant insight.

pekka said...

Our exceptionalism has been traditionally aproved by the religious dogmas. We are the likness of God and given the right by him/her to harvest any other living creatures for our use and pleasure. Our special relation with the creator seperates us from the rest of the animals around us and even from the nature itself.

Well and fine as far as beliefs go, but recent scientific wake-up-call about the doom of our environment pulls us a little bit back to be just a part of the nature which, and not the mystic God, will decide if our hegemony on this planet turns out to be perhaps shorter than any previous one has ever been.

One can just hope, that we will be able to pull another 10,000 years of human civilization out of this mess. Just don't ask me to put any money on it!

skip sievert said...

When all choices are made using the abstract concept of money , all choices are made wrongly, as they reflect the desire for only more money. That leads to things not turning out right , and a bad society, as money measures nothing real.
Belief systems and the desire to make more money , is the root cause now of our destructive society.
Desultory destruction is the current forecast. The clock is ticking. System change is a must or we are doomed.

Etzel Pangloss said...

I'm sure only a few rich people will be allowed to live forever. And when they can i'm sure they will want to reduce the amount of poor people!