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Jugnu Mohsin

Colleagues, I have to share with you another sterling feature of BBC, "The Interview". As I have said before, no one (in the world) does Interview better than the 'Beebe'. This morning's subject was Jugnu Mohsin. BBC describes her as

one of Pakistan’s leading journalists. She is the co owner of and columnist for Pakistan’s leading satirical magazine the Friday Times. Based in the country’s cultural capital Lahore she is a very well known figure in the small elite that dominate Pakistani politics and social scene. In fact many leading Pakistanis read her articles with a slight sense of foreboding – wondering whether this week Jugnoo has them in her sights.
Friday Times editor Najam Sethi and publisher Jugnu Mohnsin, (husband & wife), were winners of a 1999 Press Freedom Award.

If you have a block of time, you should give it a listen. Because I woke up this morning in the middle of it, I initially mistook her as an American discussing my country. You can listen to it while you take time to clean up your desk.


pekka said...

Kudos to you, Vigil, for bringing this marvelous interview to our attention! I had a pleasure of hearig it already earlier but, nevertheless, it must have made the same impact to you as it obviously did to me. On the personal level, I wonder why you and I always seem to like the same things? Except, hunting bears without arms. :)

Vigilante said...

Pekka, I wouldn't wrestle my Doberman bare-handed. (But I'd consider taking you on in wife-carrying!)