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State of the Nation

Well, at least this time he didn't do the Bush Bounce or smirk or wink. He almost looked presidential. However, he did manage to fool some of the people again into a small rise in support for his war.

As usual, Bush invited carefully selected guests of honor to make himself look good to the groups they represent. The young woman entrepreneur is to be admired and commended. And the two men are outstanding genuine heroes. The unfortunate thing is that he used them as examples of how noble, generous, and courageous the American people are. All this hyperbole despite the fact that a very small percentage of Americans have been willing to give their lives for their nation or Bush's cause. For example, I do not know a single soul who is presently serving in the armed forces, and I doubt that very many of us do.

Another angle Bush used was at the end of his speech, when he said words to the effect that many of us may not have voted for the war, but we did not vote for failure. There is a moral point here that still bothers me. He led this country into a war of his choosing through lies and deception. Because of that, he does not deserve victory, nor unfortunately, do the people of this nation who either followed him or were dragged inadvertently into it. He should apologize to the world and our citizens, declare defeat for himself, and withdraw. We should consider our nation lucky if we can work out some agreement under which NO sides are losers. Like them or not, we are not the only perfect humans in the world, and other nations and beliefs have to be considered.


Recidivist said...

The best lines of the night were two words: "Madam Speaker". It was down hill all the way after that.

Messenger said...

I actually liked parts of this performance. Parts of it were well written.

"that many of us may not have voted for the war, but we did not vote for failure"

Was a good touch. There were others. But the whole product was not good enough to dissuade me from believing that the major priority for 2007 should be impeachment.

Ellen said...

Pray for Molly Ivins.

pekka said...

I decided to do an unconventional thing by not listening to the speech from the throne but just to the comments and reactions about it. I am still convinced that this was a good choice for there hardly could be anything new to hear about and mainly because this way I didn't have to hear his drawl and see his face, which I see the same way as Hugo Shavez does. What's that smell?

LittleBill said...

So you smell something bad, too, Pekka, even without watching the speech? I thought I was the only one. I'm sure you and I both agree with Messenger that the major project for 2007 should be impeachment. If we let those two grab more power (which they are busy doing at this moment), it may soon be too late.