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Administration Policy and Science Polar Bears Apart

San Francisco Chronicle Environment Writer Jane Kay has written a very revealing article in that paper for 3/9/07 in which she further documents the depths to which the Bush administration will go to protect its policies.

Titled U.S. Accused of Silencing Experts on Polar Bears, Climate Change, she goes into detail about the reasoning the government is putting forth to explain why two Alaska scientists have been barred from speaking at international meetings on the subject.

Tina Kreisher, communications director of the Interior Department claims the government doesn’t want to silence them, just not to allow them to make policy statements. And Fish and Wildlife Director H. Dale Hall described the content of government documents related to the upcoming meetings as a part of the administration policy to establish an agenda and “the appropriate spokesperson” for those meetings.


an average patriot said...

Hi little bill
I know I keep telling you this but I just love that picture of little bill and Mercury.
Any, the situation in Alaska does not bode well for polar bears as you say.Bush tries to hide that along with everything else.
However they are losing their ice shelf and thus their necessary for survival, environment. He won't be able to hide it much longer but then, he won't have to and he can blame that too on a Democrat.

Beach Bum said...

Scientists in the Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have been chastised for speaking to reporters, and some have been asked to submit papers and lectures to high-level managers for review.

The scientists and injured troops at military hospitals have something in common, both need permission to talk to the press. I don't know about anyone else but I get a warm fuzzy when I hear the current occupiers of the White House talk about defending freedom. Its just the pesky press that makes things hard for them.

pekka said...

Maybe it is that Cheney has a certain proof, but not in the form of a mushroom cloud, that there is a link between the loose lipped scientists/the pinko environmentalists and those who are enemies of the freedom? One can't be too careful these days while standing on guard, can one?

DB Cooper said...

How big is the polar bear constituency? Who counts their votes? How much do they pay their lobbyists?

Curiosity abounds.