In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Bush in New Orleans

I realize that Bush also spoke to poor blacks in New Orleans on probably each of his visits, but there is something really outrageous about being greeted by a white woman on the front steps of her home which has been rebuilt and using that for a photo-op. The mirror image of this photo is one of Bush with his arm around a black woman whose house has not even been started, with Bush doing his photo-op smile into the camera. He could have exuded sincerity and concern if he had been facing her directly and talking about her plight rather than providing her and the nation with a celebrity souvenir.

And the sleeves-rolled-up-for-hard-physical-work gambit continues to annoy the hell out of me. (I have a terrible feeling that I saw Sen. Obama do that, too. I hope I’m wrong, or that someone tells him to knock it off.)


pekka said...

LittleBill, you are not the only one who is offended by the sleeves-rolled-up horese manure that is fed to us by this nincompoop, Bush! In his case, it is so painfully false.

Quite often, I wonder who is the person that still eats up any of this holier than thou, baby kissing, common folks loving and non genuine carbage by the millionaire/billionair crowd aka. Senators and Congressmen? There is a clear evidence, based on their political records, that very few of them have any real connection to those whom they are supposed to represent.

However, I doubt that "my" Obama stooped that low!

Recidivist said...

You smucks are dealing with trivia, here. What's real and undeniable, is that under Bushat, we're trading Baghdad for New Orleans. How many Americans know that, or would want that, if they knew?

Beach Bum said...

One of the many things that had me furious over FEMA's failure to help our fellow Americans in the aftermath of Katrina was that the year before when Florida was getting pounded with hurricanes was that the Ferret and his brother Governor Jeb were personally handing out bottle water to the people. FEMA was a well oiled machine supplying needed relief. The next year all the Ferret could do was fly over the city, that is until he found out how outraged people were, and FEMA had devolved into "Heck of a job Brownie."

Electioneering the Florida relief efforts in 2004 as opposed to the abandonment of the Gulf Coast the next year was a shining example of compassionate conservatism.

pekka said...

Holy smoke, Recidivist, are you really implying that the fact that the political elite and it's less than strong understanding an average American is triviality?

Also, to suggest that the most Americans haven't bee able to see the blatant disparity of the funding between the war and taking care of NO can't possibly be accurate. Besides, those whom have yet to see it (what, 25%?) cannot really be considered of representing Americans. Perhaps, extra terrestial idiots would desrcipe them better? And there seems to be no fact strong enough to change their mindlesness.