In the Humble Opinion of LittleBill, Socialist, Atheist, and Humanist
Caving to the Cave Man

As I understand it, both Houses of Congress have agreed to knuckle under, at least for now, to Bush’s demand that there be no benchmarks on withdrawing from Iraq, and they will continue to support our troops. Polite language dictates that I should express my disappointment. But that just doesn’t cut it. I am goddam mad, especially at the Democrats who voted for it.

This doesn’t really support our troops, it just keeps them in harm’s way, susceptible to death and dismemberment for a longer time. And the cause is not really “freedom and democracy” for the people of the Middle East. It is personal victory of a very little man with an enormous ego. Rather than exercising control as a co-equal branch of government over a man running out of control, this just validates his illegal and immoral war against another nation. Because we followed him into the war to begin with, regardless of the Great Lie, we as a nation do not have a right to win this war any more than he has.

As a result of this decision, many more human beings will perish, most of them innocents, and hatred for this man and this country will continue to grow, both abroad and here at home. Why didn’t the Congressmen and women who disagreed with him as the sole Decider force him to take full responsibility for his decision?

Bolstered by this victory, Bush’s ego can only grow larger, and his support by those who are easily susceptible to propaganda, as well as those who stand to profit by his success, will also find reason to continue their support. Running for, or seizing further time as Head of State beyond January, 2009 has assuredly crossed his mind.

The Democrats had a chance to save this godforsaken land, and they crapped it up.



an average patriot said...

Hi Litte Bill
I have to laugh! I wrote about this sickening caving in to this idiot Bush and his Mafia strong arming the last 2 days. Today I had an interesting question in relation to it in Iraq. Here is the link. Tell me what you think if you have the time on the cut and run question?

Yellow Dog said...

Great Title, Blogmeister. But don't be so hard on the Democrats. God either gave the Republicans brains, hearts and consciences, or She didn't. Which is it? Have they not made pack with BeelzebuBush?

Vigilante said...

Advisory: Everytime you look closely enough at the Green Party or, for that matter, Ralph Nader, you should be able to see an elephant.

skip sievert said...

Little Bill, do not kid yourself as to the Repubs and Dems. They are the same animal. They are only about Special Interests(democracy).
Special Interest groups are controlling our society.
A combination of special interest belief systems(religion), and special interest Corporate interests.
This is what is referred to as 'democracy' in the U.S. -
The U.S. is home to some of the most naive and brainwashed people on earth.
The war has fueled our economy and continues to do so. In fact it is the only thing under the present spell of Globalism that is keeping the economy of the U.S. going. We are dumping our resources over there , and keeping 'them' from producing any resources of their own (oil).
That keeps western oil company`s rich, and excess oil off the market.
Maintaining scarcity in a Price System is essential, in order to control consumers with money, thus our class and caste system is maintained.
This has nothing to do with Bush, but it has everything to do with being rewarded in a corrupt/antique system. That system is our Price System which rewards bad behavior with money.

Vigilante said...

Skip, you know I don't like to agree with you, so I won't. But the Democrats are divided and they are acting pathetically.

Progressives should know history has dealt them a winning hand. They don't need to compromise with GOP-ers on Iraq, nor do they need to offer barrels of pork to retrogressive Dems. All they have to do is point to the facts and let the blood of our fallen soldiers stain the hands of the complicit.

skip sievert said...

Wish I could agree Vigilante, but I can not.
I think you are brainwashed if you believe what you are saying.
'Progressives' is a wanna be term that means nothing.
Our present system is hopeless and not reformable.
Think about it.
I know that you are holding on to the idea of progressives because it gives you hope in the context of what is going on in our society.
I hate to tell you this, but that hope is really nonsense, and our system IS going to destroy itself. It has to. Nothing expands forever, and the problems coming up soon are going to be awful.